We all know the feeling: you’ve just committed to Tulane, you’re bursting with excitement about the next four years, and you’re looking for some cute merch to show your Tulane pride. In the blink of an eye, you’re standing in the Superdome on graduation day, wondering how you can possibly commemorate all that has happened in these short years. Enter Kyle Cavan, a start-up, women-owned jewelry brand that wants you to wear your college and be proud of it, without sacrificing fashion.

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Based in NYC, co-founders Kyle Garcia and Elizabeth Shirley both loved their college experiences. As they scrolled through corporate catalogues of masculine class rings, they saw a massive hole in the collegiate market: young women needed inspired jewelry that they could wear beyond college and be proud of. There’s nothing wrong with a big logo on every piece of gear you own, but these boss women knew that this generation of women was looking for more thought. As Shirley says, “females need to speak to females in this space,” and that is what they hope to do with their brand relaunch happening next week.

The Kyle Cavan girl is a creator, an idea that is reflected in the brand’s new editorial campaign. She is fashionable, of course, but also smart, classic, and substantial. She’s interested in shaking things up, on and off campus. Most of all, she follows the classic compass logo that the brand uses as a motif; she follows her own path, adding to the momentum for women.

Kyle Cavan offers an eclectic range of jewelry pieces, including their signature enamel bracelets in vibrant Tulane green, crest necklaces, and unique architecture pieces—because who doesn’t want to remember Gibson Hall forever? These pieces will transport you straight back to New Orleans, even when your days of Boot bombs are far behind you.

Check out Kyle Cavan here and stay tuned for their relaunch!

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