Despite the still sweltering temperatures in New Orleans, it’s time to jump into fall and winter fashion. One of the biggest changes in transitional fashion is the color palette, and this fall has seen the rise of a ton of cool new colors. Whether it’s in Forever 21 or on high-fashion runways, these three colors deserve your attention—and a place in your wardrobe—in the coming months.

1. Mustard Yellow

According to Pantone’s Fall 2017 Color Report, which is one of the most consulted fashion sources, mustard yellow (or as they call it, “lemon curry”), is all over this fall. I’ve never been a huge fan of yellow, but this darker, warmer shade has such a nice fall vibe. It’s definitely a fashion-forward color because not everyone can pull it off, and designers like Valentino (below) have channeled it into some super trendy silhouettes.


PHOTO: Vogue                                                PHOTO: Instagram

2. Forest Green

Again, this color has been named by Pantone as a hot color (“shaded spruce”), and personally I’m obsessed with it. It’s colorful without being too daring. This color is evocative of the forest in a chic way, and in my opinion, is a cool neutral alternative to black or navy.

PHOTO: Where to Get It                                             PHOTO: Pinterest

3. Scarlet Burgundy

Red in all of its various forms has been popular lately because it makes such a bold statement. As we leave summer and ditch bright red, the darker, wine-colored burgundy shade is perfect. In transitional winter looks, whether it’s a skirt, dress, top, or boots, this color makes a sophisticated statement.

PHOTO: Vogue                                                PHOTO: Instagram

Try out these colors in the coming weeks and see how trendy you feel. And no matter what color you wear this fall, rock it with the confidence of these ladies!

Ally Frankel

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