We’re back with a new feature in our Boutique Spotlight series: Babe Boutique. This adorable shop opened just over a year ago and has the perfect vibe for everyone. Located on Freret Street just steps away from Dat Dog, this adorable and aesthetically pleasing boutique will soon be every Tulane girl’s favorite place to shop, especially for the holidays.

First off, Jessy, the owner of Babe is so friendly and passionate. She was born and raised in NOLA and returned to her roots to open what she calls a “one stop shop.” She is so helpful and really prides herself on making Babe an enjoyable shopping experience for all of her customers.

Babe is so inviting and gives off a girly yet edgy vibe from the minute you walk through the doors. The momentum continues all throughout your shopping experience—and be sure to take a cool shot of their decorations for your Insta story. The atmosphere, along with the staff and the super cool statement apparel, will leave you wanting more.

Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 12.13.36 PM

Whether you’re looking for cute workout apparel, a dress for a fancy event, or something in between, Babe has it all. Their stuff caters to all types of girls, all ages, and all budgets, so it’s virtually impossible to leave empty-handed. It’s perfect for college students on a budget since it boasts reasonable price points, with items as low as $30.

If this article didn’t already convince you to hit up Babe, we have a special gift for you. For the next month, tell the ladies at BABE that you’re a fan of The Crescent and get 15% off your purchase!

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