Last week was arguably the best time of the year for the fashion industry: New York Fashion Week, for the Fall 2018 season. The ready-to-wear collections displayed lots of trends as well as surprises, and gave us a good idea of what we’ll be seeing on our favorite stars in the coming months. I’ve scrolled through all the collections, and, in between dealing with my insane jealousy of NYFW attendees, gathered up my four favorites.

1. Michael Kors

I honestly never thought I would list MK on a NYFW list. We tend to think of the designer as more classic, not someone who pushes boundaries, but he proved me wrong this year. His collection was full of a lot of fun patterns and showed the best ways to mix those. I feel like he mixed classic shapes with bold colors and patterns to create very wearable pieces.

2. Zadig & Voltaire

Similar to Michael Kors, I loved this collection because it felt so relatable. The brand embraced a lot of the trends we’ve been seeing in the streets lately (plaid, red, chunky knits) and made them more high-fashion. This collection embodied the “cool girl” that we all want to effortlessly be.

3. Alice McCall

Switching gears a bit, this collection is so pretty and feminine in a really cool way. Instead of doing the typical ball gown or beaded dress, McCall infused bold colors and unique design techniques to create a modern princess vibe. I love the mix of fancy and everyday pieces and how they all seamlessly create the same feeling.

4. Alexander Wang

Wang is one of my all-time favorite designers, so I’m not too shocked he’s appearing on this list. He is the king of punk glamour, infusing classic materials and black tones with innovative shapes. I love how his models all look so futuristic and badass, even while rocking dresses. And props to him for including a sweats set in a runway show!

5. Tom Ford

Rounding out this list is another designer who always infuses fun into his designs, and this year was no different. Tom Ford has a skill for making menswear look feminine, pretty, and cool. He also incorporated some current trends, like animal prints, in new ways, which is always nice to see. His metallic and bright colors create a really bold vibe that encourages us to wear whatever we love, no matter how crazy it may seem to others.

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