Going into Sephora, and shopping for makeup in general, can be super overwhelming at times. There are so many brands, shades, palettes, and beauty products to choose from that it can be very hard to decide. From my make-up (and mainly Sephora)-obsessed roommate I have learned what products are a MUST. So if you’re on a budget, but want to get the best the store has to offer, here’s what to pick.

  1. Too Faced “Better than Sex” Mini Mascara ($12)

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The BEST mascara I have ever used. It doesn’t clump and extenuates your eyelashes so well. The first day I wore it, someone asked me if I got my eyelashes tinted or extensions.

  1. JART+ Face Masks ($7.50)

These individually packaged facemasks are perfect for a girl’s night in with your friends. The water replenishment and brightening infusion hydrogel masks are my favorites.

  1. Urban Decay “All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray” ($15)

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This spray in a miracle worker. Just spritz your face after you finish putting on your makeup, and it will stay in place all night.

  1. Benefit “The POREfessional Face Primer” Mini ($12)

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The oil-free primer is perfect for minimizing pores and helping to keep your makeup in place all day.

  1. Bumble and Bumble “Prêt-à-Powder” Mini Dry Shampoo ($13)

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 12.45.31 PM.png

I’ve tried many dry shampoo brands and this is definitely the best. It’s a powder formula that absorbs all the oil in your hair without leaving streaks or white residue like many sprays do.

Sephora’s website makes shopping online for makeup and beauty products really accessible and easy. Be sure to create a rewards account so that you can receive points and free samples!

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Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 12.44.12 PM.png


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