In a world that has a diversity of appearance and ideas, fashion has become a common shared understanding across social media. Just recently, Hailey Baldwin made a statement on social media by wearing a Stoneman Douglas High T-shirt as she hosted the 2018 iHeart Music Awards. Her first look of the night was one that brought a lot of attention to the recent school shooting at the Parkland, Florida high school. Aesthetically, her combination of the school name on her T-shirt matched with sparkly silver pants definitely made a statement, as media attention followed the model’s fashion choice. Through her outfit, she not only brought attention to the recent Florida shooting, but also to the issue of gun violence overall. She was able to bring attention to the upcoming marches in cities all around the country.

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PHOTO: Pop Sugar

Baldwin isn’t the first person to make a statement through her fashion. Beyoncé emphasized her determination to bring attention to the Black Lives Matter movement by having her backup dancers paying tribute. As she sang at the Super Bowl 50 halftime show, her dancers dressed similar to the Black Panthers of the 1960s. Her powerful performance brought attention to the fight for racial equality. Not only was it a powerful fashion statement, but a collaboration of fashion and a social movement. What better way to use her celebrity platform than to send an important message.

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PHOTO: Global News

Social media influencers are a major determinant of fashion’s future because this is what society sees; they are the embodiment of what is deemed trendy. Social media stars have become the messengers for big fashion brands, giving them the ability to steer the fashion world, one Instagram post at a time. So why is this important? In order for people, especially young people, to get involved and become aware of current news, it often is best to address them through social media and influencers. Many teenagers watch the iHeart Music Awards, so why not address a social issue at the same time? The Super Bowl is the most viewed television site viewed each year, so why not address a social issue at the same time? Influencers are starting to use their fashion statements to send a message. They are presenting news in a fashion statement, pointing attention to a specific issue and creating media buzz. Fashion has the power to make a statement, inspiring waves of change, so why not use it to make a difference?



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