“Clean beauty,” which is essentially using eco-friendly beauty products, is a budding revolution that is gaining traction with women around the world. In recent years, people have started talking about the toxic and harmful ingredients in many of our favorite beauty products. Women are more aware, more careful, and more vocal about what they want to put into, and onto, their bodies.

We often unwittingly use the most harmful and toxic products on parts of our bodies that are the most important to us. We present our faces to the world every day, and we all want to look our best. So why would we give our skin anything less than the best? Here are some of my favorite conscious beauty products that will keep your mind and body clean. 



Vitamin C & Revitalizing Organic Sheet Mask

Embrace the rejuvenating power of Vitamin C when you’re feeling dull, dehydrated, and run-down by your busy life. This organic mask caters to all skin types, brightening those pesky dark spots and enhancing your beauty naturally with no harsh chemicals.

At only $8, it is a mask all of us college students can spring for.


Blemish Lotion

Indie Lee only uses globally sourced ingredients to protect and nourish your skin without any harsh additives. Use this pretty blemish lotion for not-so-pretty problem spots. It uses infused clay to dry up acne spots and reduce redness and inflammation. Why not apply the craze of detoxing our bodies to our skin too? This spot cream will also detox and calm your skin. Coming in at $26, this spot treatment is well worth it.



Longest Lash Mascara

One of my personal favorite brands, Jane Iredale caters to ladies with sensitive skin and eyes who still want to look glam. Her toxin-free formula and infusion of beeswax and algae extract will add drama to your eyes without the normal consequences. At $33, your eyes, and your luscious lashes, will thank you.


Tinted Lip Condition with SPF 15

A pop of color is always a good idea, and this tinted lip conditioner will give you that with so many added benefits. With conditioning power and SPF, this lipstick can’t be beat. It’s got shea butter, castor seed oil, and—wait for it—avocado. Just another excuse to add more avocados into your lifestyle. We’ve all heard horror stories of creepy bugs as the source of lipstick pigment, but for $26, you’ll just get natural ingredients that protect you and make you look awesome at the same time.



Voluminous Dry Shampoo

Ah, dry shampoo. Everyone’s lazy day favorite. This innovative formula puts life back into your hair with cassava root to absorb all that oil, and clay to improve scalp health. The use of clay is inspired by Amazonian tribes, and is now sustainably sourced from them. It may be small, but it is effective at $32.


Golden Waves Sea Salt Shimmer Spray

Missing the beach? Get your favorite beachy casual look every day with this Golden Waves Sea Salt spray. This amps up your hair’s texture and uses Aloe Vera to hydrate your scalp. Added bonus: gold mica for a fun shimmery look. Spend $28 on this spray instead of all your savings on a beach vacation.

With these brands and products, you can always put your best face forward. For more information on keeping your beauty routine environmentally conscious, check out Cruelty Free Kitty or Ecocult!

COVER PHOTO: Mino Collective

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