It’s finally Fall, and you know what that means! Watching Gilmore Girls every night, snuggled up in blankets, drinking hot cocoa, and getting frustrated anytime Dean appears on your screen. Though there seems to be a consensus that we all hate Dean, there is also a vast agreement on something we love – Rory’s sweaters! If you want to feel cozy and like it’s not still 95° outside, take out your credit card because below is a list of fall sweaters that embody Rory Gilmore energy.


#1. Peggy Sweater, Aritzia

Image via Aritzia

Starting out with a trendy favorite, the Peggy Sweater has won popularity all over the US. I have owned this sweater for two years now and just recently ordered it in another color. When I think of Fall, I think of this sweater. It is my favorite sweater that I own. It is cozy, oversized, and looks great with just about anything, including leggings, jeans, and skirts. If you want the classic Rory Gilmore look, I suggest going with the Whisper White color, but if that’s not really your vibe, you have a solid 19 different colors to choose from.


#2. Cable-Knit Sweater, H&M

Image via H&M

This sweater from H&M is an amazing budget find. Made from Polyester and Wool, this sweater will keep you warm all throughout the winter. It comes in both a Light Beige and a Khaki Green color, so you can choose from a couple of options. This sweater would look amazing with jeans, and I can definitely tell that this would become a closet staple.


#3. Cable Crewneck Sweater, J.Crew Factory

Image via J. Crew

You cannot go wrong with having a J. Crew go-to in your closet. This crewneck is less versatile than the other options so far, as it only comes in one color – Natural. But this sweater would be perfect for the not-as-chilly fall days as it is lighter. This Cable Crewneck could be great for layering or even on its own with some jeans or cute pants. This sweater is also currently ON SALE, so be sure to scoop this one up ASAP!


#4. Sharon Sweater, Altar’d State

Image via Altar’d State

If you’re looking for something a bit more cropped and not as oversized, the Sharon Sweater from Altar’d State would be the perfect fit for you. It comes in four colors – Ivory, Mushroom, Sage, and Bright Pink – and can look great with just about anything in your closet. This sweater is made from a thicker material, so it would be perfect to wear during the colder months or for chilly nights sitting along the Fly!


#5. Cropped Cable Knit Sweater, & Other Stories

Image via & Other Stories

Though a bit pricier, this & Other Stories sweater would be perfect for a nice night out. This sweater is for someone looking for a cropped, not as baggy look who may also love a turtleneck moment. Turtlenecks personally make me claustrophobic, but I am so jealous of anyone who can pull one off – they look so cute and cozy. This Cropped Cable Knit Sweater would look amazing styled with a mini skirt and boots. I think Lorelei would’ve loved having this sweater in her closet.


#6. High Neck Solid Cable Knit Long Sleeve Sweater, Cider

Image via Cider

To keep it going with the cropped vibe, this sweater from Cider is the perfect, elegant cable-knit sweater for an amazing price. Would teenage Rory Gilmore wear this in 2023? TBH, maybe. With a cute plaid mini skirt and tights, this sweater would be a staple in Rory’s closet (or at least Lorelei’s). Though this sweater does have a turtleneck, which will keep you warm, the rest of the sweater itself is made from pretty light materials, so this would be a perfect Fall sweater for nights that aren’t too chilly but chilly enough for you to appreciate a long-sleeve moment.


#7. Cabin Fever Sweater – Toasted Marshmallow, Sanctuary

Image via Sanctuary

Last but not least, we have the most perfectly named Fall sweater of all time – the Cabin Fever Sweater in the color Toasted Marshmallow. This sweater would absolutely be in Rory’s closet. It is the perfect length for any pants and doesn’t have a turtleneck that is too tight. Rather, it is quite loose, just to convey the message that winter is near. Not only will you look super cute in this sweater, but you’ll feel good, too. While wearing this sweater, you’ll be walking around knowing that this is a sustainably made sweater with 100% recycled polyester, meaning that it “…is produced from recycled petroleum sources: PET bottles, industrial polyester waste, and even garments. Production requires 59% less energy compared to virgin polyester and reduces waste.” With this in mind, this is probably the ultimate Rory Gilmore sweater.

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