Societally, style is constantly shifting and evolving. We see it in clothing, shoes, and of course, jewelry. Whether you are a minimalist, or enjoy “out-there” accessories, jewelry is a very unique way of expressing yourself and showing off your personality.

I was never a big jewelry girl growing up. I didn’t even have my ears pierced until around my senior year of high school. Growing up in Los Angeles, I was constantly exposed to different trends and ways of wearing jewelry. When I first started wearing jewelry, it started with a simple nameplate necklace that I got for my birthday. What started as a simple necklace turned into a plethora of different shapes, colors and size of accessories. With my new interest and curiosity in these pieces, I started getting into jewelry trends, all while staying unique and true to my own style. Below, I have compiled a list of styles to look out for right now.


This is the Last

It’s cuffing season, and not for the reason you may think. Ear cuffs are a huge trend right now. Whether you prefer not to have piercings but still want to have ear game, or want to spice up your ear jewelry, this trend is for you. A cuff looks like a hoop, but instead of going through your ear, like a normal piercing would, a cuff “hugs” your ear. Cuffs come in all colors and sizes, so whether you want something dainty, or a statement piece, cuffs are definitely in.

Safety Pins

This is the Last

Who would have thought that something like a safety pin would turn into a huge jewelry trend? You may have used safety pins to tailor your clothes or hold a broken strap together, but now, these safety pins are going in your ears. Not only is this an extremely unique trend in jewelry, but wearing a pair of these along with hoops is eye catching.

Pinky Rings

This is the Last

Pinky rings have been making an appearance all over recently. It seems as though every other finger gets more attention than the pinky when it comes to rings, but not anymore! Statement pinky rings are amping up every outfit. Whether you opt for a simple band, or a chunky diamond ring, pinkies deserve a little love! You can either dress up every finger, from pinky to thumb, or opt for a simple pinky ring to stand alone. You cannot go wrong with this trend!

Chunky Hoops

This is the Last

Hoops have been a trend in jewelry for a while. They not only frame your face, but they also can dress up an outfit. Instead of opting for your simple, thin hoops, try putting in some thick hoops! Thicker hoops have an edgier style to them. They take up more space on your ears, and even have a more casual feel to them. Try layering thicker hoops with smaller, thin hoops for a edgy, unique look.


This is the Last

Rainbow jewelry is one of the newest trends to the jewelry scene. Instead of sticking to traditional silver, gold, or even rose gold jewelry, rainbow adds a whole other dimension to your wardrobe. Wearing rainbow jewelry is a great way of expressing yourself through your sense of style. For me, I tend to wear a lot of black: black jeans, black boots, black t-shirts, etc. Incorporating color into my wardrobe is often a struggle. But with the new trend of rainbow jewelry, I am able to bring a sense of myself into my wardrobe, while making my accessories pop out and speak for themselves.

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