“Next in Fashion” is a reality competition series about finding up-and-coming fashion designers and naming who will be next in fashion. The show first debuted in 2020 and quickly made it to Netflix’s list of most-watched shows. With such great success the first time around, “Next in Fashion” was signed on for a new season, recently released in March 2023. 

With such great hosts, like Tan France from Queer Eye, and one of the world’s most well-known supermodels, Gigi Hadid, it was clear that Season 2 would be a hit. The designers are absolutely spectacular and truly have so much talent to share with the world. No matter who the winner is, it is evident that each designer will become immensely successful. 

So…let’s meet them! 

Deontré Hancock

Image via The Cinemaholic.

Deontré is a unanimous favorite for Season 2. A self-taught designer from Washington D.C., Deontré came onto the show to prove his passion for designing and hopefully win the prize of $200,000 so that he could leave his office job in law to pursue his dreams of becoming a designer. He has been sewing since he was 18, but unfortunately, not too long after, when both of his parents passed away, he lost all creative flow and passion and decided to go down a different life path. Now, Deontré is making a return, proving his immense skill and style. He is best known for designing giant puffer jackets and is passionate about streetwear. 

Quaysean Williams

Image via Decider.

Quaysean is an inspiration for many. From Trenton, New Jersey, Quaysean came onto the show to prove that you can do anything you put your mind to, no matter the limitations. An incredibly intricate and detail-oriented artist, Quaysean is known for his talent for sewing all his designs with just one hand due to Erb’s Palsy. Fashion was Quaysean’s outlet growing up because he wanted to distract people from his disability, but now he embraces his differences. He loves incorporating color and detail into every piece he creates and is never afraid to think outside the box. 

Eliana Batsakis 

Image via Cincinnati Enquirer.

Eliana is definitely a contestant that always keeps viewers on their toes. From Cincinnati, Ohio, Eliana’s goal was never to be in fashion; however, as she picked up the hobby of sewing, she quickly fell in love with fashion and designing clothes for herself and everyone around her. With this newfound passion, Eliana went to design school to improve her skills to be the best designer she could be. Probably the most inexperienced contestant on Season 2 of “Next in Fashion,” Eliana showed immense creativity. She was able to produce bold pieces that she was immensely proud of. Though she does not necessarily have a specific look that she is known for yet, she will definitely be one to look out for in the future. 

Desyrée Nicole 

Image via Essence Magazine.

Another favorite from this season of “Next in Fashion,” Desyrée, came into the show solely as a menswear designer but left as a designer for everyone. An immensely talented designer from Waterford, Michigan, Desyrée created relaxed, structured, and avant-garde pieces that she would never have thought to make before. The most iconic piece she created? A met-gala-inspired gown made entirely of men’s boxers. With her flawless technique and already established brand, Todd Patrick, it is clear that Desyrée’s future in fashion looks bright.  

Danny Godoy

Image via The Cinemaholic.

Danny is a contestant well-loved by everyone. Originally from Inglewood, California, Danny’s designs are like no other. Passionate about avant-garde looks, with lavish color, detail, and boldness, it is no shocker that he has already designed pieces for well-known celebrities and Drag Queens. It is incredibly inspiring to watch Danny’s work come to life, particularly because he always incorporates his Mexican heritage and the work he often does for Drag Queens into all of his looks. He is definitely a designer with a unique perspective that will get him deep into the business.  

Usama Ishtay 

Image via MEAWW.

Though Usama was not on the show for long, his talent is undeniable. Originally from Venezuela, Usama is inspired by his Latin and Arabic background, as well as all of the women in his life that have and keep on inspiring and encouraging him to be whoever he wants to be. He is best known for designing red-carpet-style gowns. His pieces look very expensive, feminine, and well-done, showing his true craftsmanship as a fashion designer. 

Megan O’Cain 

Image via Decider.

Megan’s designs are very obviously Megan’s  – and there is not a single one you won’t love. From New York, Megan studied design at one of the world’s most well-known fashion schools, Parsons School of Design. She grew up wearing various vintage pieces, mixing and matching colors and patterns, which is how she found her unique sense of style and creation. Her looks bring a sense of playfulness that genuinely bring joy to anyone observing or wearing the pieces. 

Bao Tranchi

Image via MEAWW.

Bao was a big hit in this season of “Next in Fashion.” Bao was inspired to become a fashion designer at a young age. Upon immigrating from Vietnam at ten months old, Bao would watch her mother, who worked in a sweatshop, every day at work. Being surrounded by sewing machines all her life, she knew this was her life’s calling. With flawless technique and well-known for her cut-out designs, Bao became a favorite very quickly on the show. Not only does Bao have her own brand, but she has also designed costumes for films like Charlie’s Angels and started many great soon-to-come design projects since leaving the show. 

Amari Carter

Image via Harper’s Bazaar Arabia.

Amari’s bubbly personality is what made her stand out in this season of “Next in Fashion.” With her vibrant personality came vibrant, incredibly well-designed clothing. The designer from Atlanta most notably created a gorgeous denim two-piece that I am pretty sure every Millenial/Gen-Z woman would want to wear. Growing up being put in rather conservative clothing, Amari is happy to finally be able to express herself the way that she wants to and wants to give others the opportunity to do the same.  

Courtney Smith 

Image via MEAWW.

Courtney is someone who stood out early in the competition. From New York City, Courtney grew up surrounded by bold fashion and confident women who expressed themselves in ways that she dreamed of doing one day. She loves to use vibrant pops of color, and intricate details, such as lace, and is not afraid of any challenge that may come her way. Courtney has been immensely successful in her career, dressing Lizzo and making Ursula’s costume for Alex Newell in The Little Mermaid. 

Nigel Xavier 

Image via Netflix Tudum.

A definite favorite from this season, Nigel impressed everyone with his unique patchworking methods. Growing up in Atlanta, Nigel always loved tearing apart his clothes and reconstructing them into something new. His influences lie in ‘90s streetwear, as he loves incorporating athletic symbols and denim into his pieces. To add to his impressive list of skills, every outfit Nigel wore during this season was designed and made by himself. Nigel is never afraid of manipulating all sorts of fabrics and pieces, and this unique take on fashion truly made him stand out on “Next in Fashion.” 

 James Ford 

Image via The Queer Review.

James was an unexpected favorite on this season of “Next in Fashion.” From Los Angeles, James focuses on creating unique suits that are made for anyone and everyone. With different silhouettes and styles, James uses various influences, from sportswear to vibrant colorations to the world around him, to create a successful set of never-before-seen suits. James stood out this season because he was never afraid of any challenge; instead, he would take each challenge head-on with confidence and excitement for what his creativity would produce that day. He truly was a joy to watch on the show.

Featured image via Netflix Tudum.

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