It is finally February, ala the month of everyone’s favorite holiday: Mardi Gras. Mardi Gras is probably the craziest six days of anyone’s lives, if they are fortunate enough to experience it. This is the time to let loose, attend parades and festivals, explore the culture and livelihood in the French Quarter, and party like there’s no tomorrow. I have experienced firsthand how exactly the Tulane community celebrates this time of the year; everyone wants their outfits to sync up with the excitement of this festivity. For me, preparing for Mardi Gras included stocking up on groceries, sleeping the whole week before, and finally getting together the perfect couple of outfits. During my freshmen year, I remember hearing everyone around me talking about how they already had the perfect outfits weeks before any of the festivities started. I began to panic. If you are experiencing this same sense of panic, here are a few tips to help you out.

The first thing to remind yourself is that you can share with your friends! Mixing and matching for Mardi Gras is a great way to stay on budget, while getting to put pieces together in your own individual style. Second, anything goes. Whip out any trend you have been wanting to try; it’s beyond worth it and you are guaranteed to get a record amount of likes on your Instagram by posting yourself in it. Third, try to remember that it is about partying, celebrating and making memories, NOT about your outfit that no one will remember about the next day. Here are some key places to start shopping and a few of my favorite pieces for the best time of the year!

1. Dolls Kill

Everyone has probably scrolled on DollsKill while Mardi Gras shopping. It may be mainstream, but it is definitely the way to go. Each piece can be matched with other pieces, making it unique to you and your style. Here are a few of my favorite pieces from their site.1

The Cosmic Tease Hologram Bustier ($17) is a perfect piece to mix and match, either with a pair of colorful bright joggers or matching hologram bottoms. This bustier is fun and edgy for the Mardi celebration.2.png

The Sunlight Circus Stripe Catsuit ($48) is a basic staple that I can say almost every Tulane student rocks in one of their four years at Mardi. I wore this catsuit freshmen year and got countless compliments.


The Beverly Chic Pant Set ($35) is an adorable set that will catch tons of eyes. Paired with some pink hair extensions, pink choker and pink sunglasses, you will stun the crowd. Matching sets are so in for Mardi Gras and one of my personal favorite looks.


OwnSaviour is a more low-key site to find looks that not everyone will have. Perfect for funky, colorful pieces, check out this website for a cheaper alternative to DollsKill.

The Pink Furry Choker Top ($13) with a halter choker neck and back tie-up design is the perfect girly look. Piece it together with light pink flared pants, pink patterned bottoms, or even pink leggings with Drake’s face on them (I wore those last year)! This is a basic that you could even re-wear for other events.

The Reflective Buckle Jacket ($20) is perfect for the unpredictable weather of Mardi Gras. Last year it was sunny and ideal weather most days, but one day mid-week it was freezing and raining. I was very unprepared, with no fun jacket to match my outfits. This jacket is perfect because it matches with everything, still exposes your fun outfit, and is on trend at the same time.

These Silver Metallic Joggers ($21) are the one trend that seem to be consistent for Mardi Gras. They never go out of style. Silver is all the rage during this time of year and joggers made the outfit cut in at least one day of everyone’s outfits. They are easy to move and jump around in, which is definitely what you’re going to want when they play God’s Plan for the 100th time.

Mardi Gras shouldn’t be a time to panic over picking the perfect outfit, but it seems to take up a lot of people’s free time during this upcoming month. Instead of stressing and panicking, start slowly putting together pieces that you keep leaving in your shopping cart and slowly come up with your six amazing outfits. Whether you borrow from a friend, or buy from the older girls in your sorority, planning each day’s unique look is one of the most exciting parts of the entire celebration. Can’t wait to see everyone’s Mardi looks!


About Danielle Schwartz

Danielle Schwartz is a sophomore Communications major from LA. In addition to writing about fashion for The Crescent, Danielle loves to enjoy hummus and do yoga.

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Danielle Schwartz is a sophomore Communications major from LA. In addition to writing about fashion for The Crescent, Danielle loves to enjoy hummus and do yoga.