When I traveled to Los Angeles this Winter Break, I was not expecting an experience of a lifetime. As I drove up to the El Rey theatre, “Keys N Krates” was displayed in bright lights. So many famous artists performed at the El Rey when they were still low-key: Ray Sremmurd, Pia Mia, and Lil Yachty to name a few. As we walked inside the theatre, an older man quickly approached my group of friends.

“Are you guys big Keys N Krates fans?” he asked us. I’m obsessed with a few of their songs, “Dum Dee Dum” and “Getaway” I thought to myself. “YES!!” I screamed. A few minutes later we were instructed to meet him by the “stage door” in ten and were given purple wristbands.

I wasn’t sure exactly what was about to happen. All I knew was that we were about to go on stage at the Keys N Krates concert…and I couldn’t be more excited. As we stood in the crowd and looked onto the stage where we were about to be standing, the opening DJ was getting the crowd going. I kept looking at my phone for the time to come and finally, ten minutes later, they took us backstage.

I peaked my head around the curtain. What looked like a thousand people were anxiously waiting for Keys N Krates to go on. The manager told us to follow him, and before we knew it, everyone was looking at my friends and I from below. The lights glared in my eyes. Suddenly the members of Keys N Krates were centimeters away from me. I was an arm’s length away from the DJ.

The music blasted, and we danced the entire time, interacting with the DJ and the fans. It didn’t feel real. When the last song ended, the band ran off, and we were the last ones staring. I looked at my friends in shock. Did that really just happen? I could officially say I am a Keys and Krates fan.

If you’ve never listened to Keys and Krates, check them out on Spotify!

About Courtney Perkins

Courtney is a junior majoring in Communications and SLAMM. She is originally from Dallas, and has experience working with NYLON magazine!