During winter break, I was so ready to relax from the craziest, most fun semester yet. My skin had started to break out and I was determined to get on top of it and try new ways to get rid of my unwanted pimples.

I had heard about the HUM vitamins and supplements from countless influencers and was curious about what the hype was all about. They have a wide array of products including supplements that help with digestion, healthy hair, bloating, and skin. I figured: why not try to detox my skin with one of these?

I ended up purchasing a bottle of detox pills and Vitamin C gummies that were supposed to help “clear my skin” and give it a natural “glow.” After using the products for about two weeks, I found myself in a miserable state. I was in shock when I watched my whole body break out. I was so confused and frustrated at what was going on. Not only was my face 10 times worse than before, but the rest of my body decided to follow.

I was so uncomfortable in my own skin and dreaded interacting with people. I didn’t know what was going on and couldn’t figure out the cause for this disaster. After a visit to the ER and dermatologist, I was left with no solution and was feeling helpless. After taking antibiotics, the breakout finally went away, but I was still determined to find out what went wrong.

The only thing that had changed in my routine was starting to take the HUM supplements. I was in awe when I looked up reviews for the products. Half of the reviews talked about how these vitamins caused their skin to become much worse before it got any better. I was in disbelief that the thing I thought was helping me was causing me so much stress.

Listening to our favorite influencers, beauty bloggers, etc. is entertaining and really helpful in finding new products most of the time. However, after this experience I’m definitely going to take a step back and make sure I take more than a stranger’s word for it next time. What works for someone else may not be what works for you.

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