I have been a fan of both pop star Ariana Grande and SNL comedian Pete Davidson for as long as I can remember. All of my friends know how obsessed I was with their relationship and how happy I was when I found out that Pete Davidson had quickly proposed with a $93,000 ring in June of this year. It’s only October, and the couple has already called off the engagement.

When I heard the news, I was so upset. Lots of questions were racing through my mind: who was going to keep their new pet pig Piggy Smallz, and what about all of the tattoos they have recently got together? They seemed like they were doing so well. Arianna Grande even wrote a song titled “Pete Davidson” on her newest album “Sweetener” that came out in August. Of course, this was my favorite song on the album. Both Ariana and Pete have been seen on many talk shows talking about how excited they were for the engagement. My biggest question of all is: what could have led the power couple of 2018 to break up so suddenly? I did not see this coming, but here are some of my theories.

The most common theory of why this relationship has come to an end is the tragic death of Ariana’s ex and one of my favorite rappers, Mac Miller (RIP). Mac Miller struggled with drug addiction even during the time he was dating Ariana, and his death has definitely taken a toll on her. She has posted on social media about Mac’s death and her struggle with it, and she has even canceled concerts because she needs time to herself. Is it possible that the death of Mac Miller has affected her so much that she needs time to herself, and away from Pete Davidson?

Another possible reason for the split is that the couple moved way too fast. Grande and Davidson only met for the first time in May of 2018. In late May they were reported to be dating, and in June they moved in together and got engaged. The only other famous couple that I can think of that got engaged that quickly is Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries, but that also didn’t end well.

My final theory has to do with the fans. Both Ariana and Pete are loved by many; however, with fame comes haters, and they both inevitably have those. As soon as the couple became engaged, they were receiving hurtful comments through social media. Pete Davidson even joked on SNL about death threats.  Pete Davidson can turn any situation into a comedy, but in this case, he seemed to have taken them pretty seriously, and he eventually took a hiatus from Instagram. Could the haters have gotten to the couple that much that they couldn’t take it anymore?

The engagement of Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson happened quickly and out of nowhere. They immediately became a 2018 power couple, and a lot of fans are sad to see them split. We are all waiting for one of them to comment on the breakup, but for now, we can only speculate.



About Courtney Perkins

Courtney is a junior majoring in Communications and SLAMM. She is originally from Dallas, and has experience working with NYLON magazine!

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Courtney is a junior majoring in Communications and SLAMM. She is originally from Dallas, and has experience working with NYLON magazine!