It’s the beginning of the fall semester and you know what that means: time to get back into your fitness routine. The relaxed and unstructured days of summer are behind us. Hit the gym and be consistent with your workouts. Many of us (including myself) need incentives to get started, and there is nothing like a chic, brand new workout wardrobe to get you motivated. You’ll be running into everyone you know at Reily, so show up in your cutest activewear. Check out my picks to look fabulous and fit wherever you plan on exercising this semester!

For running in Audubon Park…

Tulane students are lucky enough live so close to beautiful Audubon Park. Be prepared to see oak trees, lagoons, and expansive green space when walking, jogging, or running through the park. It is still brutally hot, so dress in a tank top and shorts. Below are some perfect items for a run in the park!

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For weights at Reily…

Reily is a great choice for students because it’s right on campus and close to the dorms.  If you still need help to feel inspired to make the five minute walk, new athletic wear will be sure to push you to get up and go. Since Reily is air conditioned, your style options are unlimited. I love doing leggings and a cute tank; just remember, there is a dress code!

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For spin at Romney Studios…

 Romney, the ultimate boutique gym in Uptown New Orleans, is the go-to place for Tulane students. The modern atmosphere will inspire you to wear your most fashionable gear. This is the place to show off all of your coolest printed, colored, and textured leggings and tops. Here are great pieces for Romney cycling, Megaformer, Pilates, or boxing classes.

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For yoga classes…

 Yoga provides a great outlet to relax, stretch, and meditate after a long day of class. If you are going to incorporate yoga into your fitness routine, you can find classes both on and off campus. When doing yoga, it’s nice to look trendy, but comfort is key. Soft, stretchy, and cozy workout wear is the way to go. Align your chakras in some of my flexible and form-fitting favorites.

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This school year, get active, and look great while doing it!

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