The Nineties are presently serving as serious inspiration in the accessory world. Bring yourself back to those elementary school days where hair clips and scrunchies were all the rage. Who would have thought that these nostalgic hair accessories would be hitting the runway years later? Keep your do’ neat and out of your face by incorporating 90s style claw clips, snappy barettes, stretchy hair combs, scrunchies, and hair scarves into your look.

Claw Clips


Your mother’s 1990s claw clip has just now resurrected. Alexander Wang brought back the claw clip in his Fall 2018 collection by sending his models down the runway with silver and black clips. This trend has only grown in popularity since. Luckily, these trendy clips can be found at your local drug store. They provide the perfect way to combat those bad hair days.

Snappy Clips


You probably had a drawer full of these clips as a kid and now, it’s perfectly acceptable to bring them back into your wardrobe. Both influencers and celebrities can be seen sporting these clips on the daily. Style them by simply wearing two matching ones snapped along side a centered hair part. You can purchase plain black or silver snap clips at any drugstore or look for a more detailed clip embellished with faux pearls or rhinestones at a department store.



Carrie Bradshaw once yelled at her then-boyfriend, Berger: “No woman…would be caught dead at a hip downtown restaurant wearing a scrunchie!” I typically trust in Carrie Bradshaw’s fashion sense, but her opinion about scrunchies is clearly outdated. This ultimate 80’s accessory has managed to make it once again as a fashion staple. Not only is it a fun accessory, but it’s also more gentle on the hair than a regular ponytail holder. Celebrities such as Hailey Baldwin, Ariana Grande, and Bella Hadid are all on board with the scrunchie comeback and you should be too!

Countless celebrities and social media influencers have proven that claw clips, snappy clips, and scrunchies are all adult-appropriate hair accessories! Make sure to try this trend out!


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