Your daily schlep to Newcomb is hard enough without having to carry the five textbooks that wouldn’t fit in your bag. Balance those with your laptop, phone, sunglasses, and coffee, and you’ve got an embarrassing staircase-induced spill waiting to happen. Luckily, a hands-free commute doesn’t mean succumbing to a daunting, mammoth sized backpack that looks like something your dad would take hiking —luckily, there’s a more stylish solution. Give your arms a break, and your wardrobe an upgrade, with an eye-catching backpack that’s big enough for all your daily essentials and more. These six bags have your back (literally), so you have both hands free for your morning PJs latte.

1. This “X Marks the Spot Backpack” by WANT

This is the edgy addition to your back-to-school outfit needs. It’s absolutely perfect, except for the name – we don’t just want, we need.

               PHOTO: NastyGal

2.  This shimmery bag

Picture that girl who’s always effortlessly chic‑the one who rolled out of bed for your 8 a.m. lecture looking like she stepped out of Vogue. This is the backpack of her dreams. The shimmery hue makes a statement, so your look is complete with literally zero effort.


3. This monochromatic plaid backpack

If you want all the comfort of a regular backpack, without all the boring, this bag is your new best friend. The soft wool exterior and adjustable padded straps make this bag more comfortable than the pajamas you forgot to change out of.


4. This black nylon beauty

Since it is your most often employed accessory, your backpack should be able to go with any outfit. This black bag blends seamlessly with any look, and its pop of faux fur ensures that your look is never basic.


5. This classic “Settlement Backpack”

This screams clean, fresh and simple. With this bright accessory, no one will notice that you’ve worn the same pair of leggings for three days this week.

PHOTO: Herschel

6. This floral number

Daydreaming about spring break already? Sadly, it’s only October, but this floral backpack might be the next best thing. Survive the rainy New Orleans season by bringing a little spring fever into the classroom.

PHOTO: Kate Spade

Cover Photo: Nasty Gal

Show me how you rock your trendy backpack in the comments!

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