I’m sure you’ve all been counting down the days. Spring break is here! If you’re like me, you’ve booked a trip somewhere warm to enjoy some much needed relaxation in the sun. Whether you’re driving to a local beach or headed somewhere a bit more exotic, take some inspiration from these swimsuit styling tips that will make you and your feed look fresh.


High-waisted bikinis and swimsuits made a huge comeback last summer, with major brands like Forever 21 and ASOS releasing cute, trendy versions of this more “conservative” style. Amp up your style by trying bold patterns or sleek cut-outs. Why we love it? High waisted swimsuits cover a bit more skin than the previously popular “thong” bikinis and add a vintage twist to the classic bikini style. With this style, feel confident and comfortable on the beach or by the pool!

One Pieces

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Forever 21

The one piece trend is back this season, and seemingly here to stay! Much like a romper, the convenience of the one piece allows you to create your look with little to no effort. One of the best aspects of the one piece is its versatility. Lovers of the one piece swimsuit are no longer confined to the boring, solid colored speedos of years past. Cutouts, strappy details, lace inserts, and colorful patterns are just a few of the many features that stores are adding to make the classic one piece unique and trendy. Depending on your personal style, you’re guaranteed to find a piece that suits (get it?) your needs. Throw on a pair of jean shorts over a one piece to make it double as a bodysuit or going-out look! Why we love it? The one piece compliments any and all body types and is for sure a statement piece.

Looking for new ways to style these trends? Search no further.

Add a body chain or two.

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Add a pop of sparkle and glam with these layering pieces. Like a necklace for your body, this accessory takes your look up a notch. They come in a variety of styles and sizes, so you’re sure to find one that will complete your look. Why we love it? It’s a fun new way to accessorize if you’re over sunnies, hats, and the typical jewelry pieces. You can even rework a body chain to style it as a regular necklace, or wear it over a bodycon dress!

Throw on a sarong.Sarongs may be one of the best beach accessories ever. They are a great cover-up when it’s a bit breezy, but are flowy enough to keep you comfortable in the heat of the sun. These colorful, eye-catching pieces pair perfectly with all styles of swimsuit, and can be worn as a skirt or a dress! Why we love it? The versatility! Sarongs can be styled in a ton of different ways and can even be used as a beach blanket if you’re looking for a cute background for your insta pics.

Above all: remember your sunscreen and enjoy this much-needed break from classes!


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