Colder weather brings lots of new and fun activities. From holidays and cozy sweaters to warm hot cocoa and nights by the fire, there’s a reason that Mariah Carey sings that it’s the “most wonderful time of the year.” But with a change in temperature often comes a host of weather patterns that wreak havoc on your skin. Frigid air leaves your skin feeling dry, dehydrated, and sensitive. So, how do you stay glowing while still combatting that inevitable dry and oily combo that makes you dread the season change? Switching up your beauty regimen is key, and by swapping your daily products for ones that are cold-weather-friendly, you can tackle your day without worrying about dry patches and flaky skin. Here’s three types of swaps you can make to make sure you feel hydrated and refreshed all season long!

Let’s start with one key change in your beauty regimen: swapping out your face wash. Opting for one with a creamier base rather than a foaming cleanser will keep moisture locked in and make you feel refreshed and hydrated throughout the day and night! Try Burt’s Bees Intense Hydration Cream Cleanser for a product that boasts natural ingredients, and CeraVe’s Hydrating Cleanser for a drugstore score with a light and gentle formula that retains your skin’s natural moisture. Same tip applies for body washes—a body butter or formula with a milkier base will leave you feeling smooth and refreshed.

For a daily moisturizer, swap your lotion for a product with a creamier base to trap the moisture. Choosing a fragrance-free product will hydrate your skin without causing irritation, especially if you are sensitive. Bonus points if the moisturizer has SPF! If you’re looking for a natural product, use raw coconut oil on dry or red sensitive patches on your face and body. For lotion lovers, Cetaphil’s Daily Hydrating Lotion leaves your face feeling intensely hydrated immediately after applying, and Cetaphil’s other body-based products work wonders too. If you’re like me and have combination skin all year long, finding products that keep you hydrated while still minimizing pores is a struggle. It may be tempting to forego facial moisturizer because it can make you feel more oily, but in reality, a product like Cetaphil’s lotion works to keep your skin’s natural moisture levels balanced and retained, which leaves your skin feeling healthy and happy!

To cure chapped lips, pick an unscented and un-tinted product, as your favorite flavored lip balms are actually known to cause even drier and more chapped lips after use. Products like Vaseline and Raw coconut oil have thicker formulas that coat your lips like a protective barrier, which is especially crucial so you can still rock that dark fall-inspired matte lip without feeling so dry and flaky!

Bonus tip! Swap your regular mascara for a waterproof version in the winter months to prevent the classic mascara-running-because-your-eyes-are-teary-because-it’s-so-cold issue.

Making these swaps is super simple, and using these general guidelines can help you find products that don’t break the bank and fit your specific needs. Prep for this chilly winter with products that will keep you feeling refreshed all season long.


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