Luckily for us Tulanians, everyone’s favorite season is back and shows no signs of ending soon: darty season. It’s hard not to love the sweaty, wet, and muddy day parties that come along with the new school year and the heat. From slip and slides to pools, these types of parties arguably end up being the most fun, and allow students to dress up in their cutest summer attire and swimwear options. Everybody loves a good darty, so here are some seasoned tips and tricks as to what to do—and not do—as the season moves into full swing.

DO: Plan to get dirty.

Darties are known for a few things, and being messy is definitely one of them. Whatever you end up deciding to wear, understand that there’s a good chance it will get muddy or stained. That being said, choose your footwear wisely. Your new white converse high top sneakers may SEEM like a sensible option, but choosing a sandal, slide, or sneaker with a more water resistant material will make clean-up later much easier. Plus, choosing a cute sandal or slide will eliminate the possibility of you having to walk around in wet socks. Gross.

DON’T: Wear white.

Showing off your new white denim cutoffs or skirt is perfect for a different event on campus. Not for a darty. Everyone loves the idea of looking super tan against white, but the chances of your white shoes or shorts getting stained is not worth the risk. Settle for a darker denim and save your cute white clothes.

DO: Accessorize.

Dressing for a darty is a great time to accessorize with items like dainty jewelry, trendy sunglasses, and stylish belts. Layering necklaces and chokers adds a personalized flair that amps up your look. A patterned headscarf or bold belt will help you stand out from the sea of denim cutoffs and bikini tops, or try funky one-piece suit for a bit more coverage and style. A fanny pack is a great accessory for darties, and allows you to store your valuables somewhere waterproof and safe. Throw in some Purell and some snacks and you’ll be the life of the party among your friends.

DON’T: Wear Your Finest Things.

Darties may seem like a great option to dress in your cutest new designer threads, but the risk of losing a pair of sunglasses or ruining a pair of shoes is high. Avoid wearing the nicest items in your closet, as tempting as it is to show off your Gucci belt. You’ll thank yourself later for not risking losing your new Ray-Bans.

DO: Bring a plastic bag.

Perhaps the most important tip of them all: bring Ziploc sandwich bags. Bring one or bring many and share with your friends. As darties can become unpredictably wet, remembering to bring a plastic bag to store your phone in will ensure that its safe from water damage, and will allow you to protect your phone if you decide something like a fanny pack is not your style.

The big thing to remember when dressing for darties is that, most likely, you’re going to end up sweaty and muddy. However, no amount of mud or heat should deter you from experimenting with different styles of accessories and clothing that will make you stand out and feel confident. So use these tips and immerse yourself in all that the dartying season has to offer!


Grace Carter

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