I’m Jack Whalen. I am originally from Baltimore, Maryland and I’m currently a senior. I am a Finance and Management double major in the Business School. 

I have a lot of family in New Orleans. My mom actually went to Tulane back in the 90s so I had a little bit of familiarity with the city before I came here. They never really pressured me to apply but they told me “we think you like this school, you should check it out”. I did and I loved it. I’m really glad I applied. I did ED (Early Decision) and since I’ve been here, it has definitely been the right decision. Some of the best times of my life have been at this school. The atmosphere, the city, and the people at this school – it’s just been so much fun and it’s a great academic environment too. There’s a really good balance here between working hard to get your degree and learn new things and also enjoying this city and having a good time. 

Next year, I will be doing a Masters in Business Analytics program in the Business school. So I’m staying at Tulane— that’s how much I love it. I have to stay another year. After that, I hope to either stay in New Orleans and work in whatever industry will hire me at that point with my degree or move back home to Baltimore to do banking.

I love biking in Audubon, especially when it’s nice weather out. I could go over there and bike for hours, and just get some exercise. I like to go to the fly too and play guitar out there when it’s nice. I like to go to Frenchmen Street. I really love Frenchmen Street because they have live bands. So I’ll go with some friends and take it in. 

I’m really into music. I play the bass and drums. I’m not in a band but I do have some guys who I hang out with sometimes just to jam. We were thinking about putting on a live show at the end of the semester. 

I’m a Type I Diabetic, so I always tell people that as a fun fact because it’s not common. There is such a food scene here, but I can still enjoy it because I take care of myself, luckily. I also have a lot of supportive friends who help look out for me. A good friend of mine is also a diabetic so the two of us can help each other. 

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