Some things in life are inevitable: spending too much money on coffee, not wanting to wake up for your 8am, and midday thunderstorms in New Orleans. We’re all guilty of forgetting an umbrella or wearing brand new shoes, not realizing that the walk from Gibson to the dorms is really THAT long when you’re avoiding the massive puddles. Nonetheless, there are so many ways to navigate your way around the rainy season, with cool spots to check out and stay dry. There should be no excuses to not get out because “the weather is bad.”

Magazine Street is one of my personal favorite places to study and roam as there is a multitude of cafes and galleries to hibernate in while you’re waiting for the heat lightning to pass. If you’re brave (and stubborn) enough to walk the streets, a decent pair of rain boots and an umbrella is all you need thanks to the sidewalks that don’t try to attack you from the bottom up! (I’m looking at you Freret street).

If you do need to take a break from the weather, try looking at these places on Magazine.

Raw Republic—The cutest little juice bar that ever did exist. You won’t break the bank grabbing a cold pressed concoction and a small snack here. They have plenty of grab and go food and drinks in the fridge, and if you need a longer rain-cation, head upstairs to “The Space” to chill out and soak in the good vibes.

Ashley Longshore Gallery—Magazine Street is home to a plethora of art galleries, but for a cute and humorous stop, Longshore’s pop-art-inspired showroom is perfect. Make sure to notice all the quirky phrases on the walls, and find Akuma, the sweet glitter covered french bulldog who loves to follow you around and admire art with you.

Peaches Record Store—If you’re a music or pop culture fiend, you will ADORE this quaint music shop. The employees are always down to talk about their favorite artists and records, and where else can you go to find a Snoop Dogg votive, The Clash on vinyl, and healing crystals?

The French Quarter is quite possibly one of the best places to go on a Saturday, don’t let the “tourist” aspect of the French Quarter scare you away. There is plenty to explore and tons of places to hide out in on your adventures.

Southern Candymakers—You really haven’t been to New Orleans if you haven’t indulged in a Praline yet (pronounced PRAH-leen; don’t be that person). Head over here for everyone’s favorite buttery, pecan-y, sugar rush. Disclaimer: these are addictive and a surefire way to gain the Tulane Ton, but so worth it.

A Court of Two Sisters—If you’re so bold to travel to Bourbon Street, this spot has amazing po-boys and good old-fashioned comfort food. Best part: there are plenty of open windows that not only protect from those reckless winds, but supply prime people-watching views…it is Bourbon Street after all.

No matter what, you’re going to run into the rain. If you’re upset about getting wet and ruining that outfit you worked so very hard on, always make sure to pack an umbrella and a poncho in your bag. An extra pair of old sandals never hurt anyone, and are so easy to slip on so you don’t worry about wet socks (the absolute worst case). My advice:  suck it up buttercup and get out there! Rain is temporary, as is wet clothes and ruined hair. By running around the city during the storm, you have the entire world at your disposal AND can avoid tourists stopping you every ten minutes to get a picture of their family.

COVER PHOTO: Rachel Wine

About Brianna Mohr

A freshman from Bellevue, WA, Bri loves all things music. She writes songs and enjoys exploring new cities.

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A freshman from Bellevue, WA, Bri loves all things music. She writes songs and enjoys exploring new cities.