If you know me, you know that I absolutely love reading. I read because I have so many curiosities and I am beyond eager to learn from the experiences of others. While what we learn over the school year is and will one day be valuable, it is easy to become bored and overwhelmed by the facts being thrown at us. We spend so much time during the school year memorizing boring statistics and understanding complicated graphs; summer is the perfect time to do some learning for the sake of our own personal, immediate growth. I made a list of books that I would love to dive into this summer and thought I would share so that maybe you too can learn something interesting!

1. Calypso by David Sedaris


While this book is bound to make you laugh out loud, it is said to be Sedaris’ darkest story yet. Purchasing a house on the Carolina Coast, Sedaris is sure that his summer will be picture perfect; he envisions waking up to the sound of seagulls on the beach and enjoying serene, care-free days. Life by the shore is exactly what he had imagined, except he soon realizes that it is impossible to take a vacation from yourself. Sedaris touches upon serious themes while remaining true to his usual, comedic writing style. This book will definitely make you think about your relationship with yourself as well as the fact that we are unable to change the past.

2. Bluets by Maggie Nelson


If you even remotely are a fan of reading poetry, Bluets is for you. While short in pages, Nelson’s words are sure to leave a lasting impact on readers. Nelson writes in fragments, telling multiple stories of love, loss and change. She says that she could have “written half of the stories in agonized tears and half in a state of clinical detachment,” speaking to the raw honesty that her work presents.

3. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F**k by Marc Manson


READ THIS BOOK. IT IS A MUST. Do not let the fact that it is a self-help book deter you. I’m not going to lie, this book was not easy to read; at times, its brutal honesty and bluntness made me question my entire disposition. However, the truth of the matter is that at some point in our lives, someone is bound to tell us an ugly truth that we do not want to hear. For your own sake, let it be Marc Manson. I am not exaggerating when I say that within pages, so many of my harbored beliefs and attitudes disappeared. This book really makes you think and if you stick with it, it truly has the power to help build you into a more resilient and down-to-earth human being. If you are looking to go into the semester more on top of yourself and your well-being, do yourself a favor and read this book.

4. The Rosie Project by Graeme Simision


For something a bit more light-hearted, pick up The Rosie Project. The Rosie Project explores the story of a brilliant 39-year-old scientist who happens to have undiagnosed  Asperger’s Syndrome. This man, Don Tillson, has a sweet charm about him and draws readers in as he goes on a quest to find a wife for himself. As a man who is used to every aspect of life being orderly and routine, he learns a lot when introduced to the complicated, emotional roller-coaster that characterizes love.

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