Now that it’s finally starting to cool down in New Orleans, nothing has me more excited than the fact that it’s time to swap out cutoffs and skirts for what is undoubtedly my favorite article of clothing:  jeans. This season, designers, as well as ready-to-wear retailers have created—and brought back—so many fun denim trends that go beyond your basic mom jean or high-waisted skinny. Instantly upgrade your outfit by throwing on any of these styles. Pair them with a simple t-shirt or sweater and pair of sneakers, and you’ll be receiving compliments all day.

1. Utilitarian Denim

Inspired by vintage workpants and coveralls, utilitarian denim has been huge this season. Featuring large pockets, bulky silhouettes, and a range of colorful options, workwear-inspired denim makes for the perfect statement pant. If you’re ready to fully embrace the trend, consider taking a cue from celebrities including Kendall Jenner and Emily Ratajkowski by rocking a complete denim utilitarian jumpsuit. Many retailers offer remakes of this style, but also consider searching thrift stores for a one-of-a-kind, vintage pair.

2. Patterned Denim

Patterned denim, which first became popular a few years ago, is making a comeback. This season, brands have embraced the patterned denim trend in a range of ways— from more subtle styles printed on blue jeans to busy patterns, such as leopard print (one of my personal favorites)—and have featured patterned denim on many different silhouettes. Given that the trend is eye-catching enough on its own, throw on a pair of printed jeans with a plain t-shirt for an easy, unique outfit.

3. Split Leg Denim

Available in a range of styles—from subtle, smaller front or side seam slits to more daring cutout flares, wide leg jeans with zippers up the seam, or track pant inspired designs with buttons up the entire side—split leg denim is one of the hottest trends this season. Plus, this look is great for warmer climates like New Orleans and is the perfect way to show off a statement bootie or chunky sneaker.

4. Wide Leg Denim

By far the most comfortable style of jean, wide leg denim is especially on trend this season and can be worn in a range of ways. High-rise, cropped, wide leg jeans can give off a more tailored vibe, while lower waisted wide leg jeans in more faded washes have a more grungy, casual vibe. Either way, it’s easy to substitute last year’s mom or boyfriend style jeans with a wide leg pair for an elevated look.

Rock all these styles in NOLA this fall and you’ll be the best dressed on campus!

COVER PHOTO: Bianca Falanga

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