Struggling to find the perfect trendy pastel cardigan, Boot-worthy bodysuit, leather booties, and internship approved wool blazer all in one place? Enter & Other Stories: a global fashion label with endless pages of stylish and affordable fashion. On the site, you’ll find offerings ranging from basic —think simple wool sweater, black crop top, or silk midi skirt — to statement worthy — think bubble gum pink jumpsuit, cheetah print blouse, and snake embossed bucket bag — with Urban Outfitters-comparable pricing, making it the perfect shop for college students on a budget.

& Other Stories

Despite having stores worldwide, although you’ll only find three in the United States, H&M Group owned & Other Stories’ design and production process is special compared to other widespread labels. & Other Stories has three distinct design ateliers located in Paris, Stockholm, and Los Angeles, each producing their own collection with pieces evocative of the city’s quintessential spirit and it-girl. Every item on the website is labeled with its specific design atelier, expect to find vintage inspired, laid back pieces that epitomize California cool from LA, streamlined designs that seem straight off of the Instagram feeds of your favorite Scandinavian bloggers from Stockholm, and chic garments with romantic details from Paris. The best part? Unlike when perusing the sites of brands that cater exclusively towards one specific customer, no matter your style, you’re sure to find something on & Other Stories’ website. Additionally, & Other Stories regularly works with creatives worldwide to create co-lab collections available on their website, using its social media as a platform to highlight these designers’ stories and talents. Past collabs have included hand drawn prints by Information Designer Giorgia Lupi, rocker-inspired basics with Lykke Li, and eye catching details with Kate and Laura Mulleavy of Rodarte.

& Other Stories

& Other Stories’ commitment to sustainability also sets the brand apart from many other chain retailers with similar price points — and makes for the perfect shopping spree incentive. The brand abides by H&M Group’s Sustainability Commitment, which focuses on providing fair living wages and ensuring that all suppliers follow the same protocols, and aims to be completely climate positive across the entire chain by 2030. Additionally, in an effort to reduce the fashion world’s environmental footprint, & Other Stories offers in-store beauty container and textile recycling. While beauty packaging is sorted by material in store and then passed on to the nearest recycling station, clothing is passed on to recycling partners who sort it into four categories: Recycling (becomes non-woven fabric and recycled fibers), Rewear (passed on as second-hand clothing), Reuse (becomes products including cleaning cloths), and Upcycling (turned in to products of equal or higher value). To incentivize customers to participate in this program, & Other Stories offers anyone who brings in a bag of recycling a 10% off coupon for an in-store or online purchase.

Next time you’re in need of a wardrobe update — or just looking for a new site to scroll through during class — check out & Other Stories’ website:

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