If you’re anything like me, then you’re probably a freak about who touches your eyebrows. I had that horrible one-time experience where I looked like I was straight out of a 2007 issue of Cosmo, and since then, I am extremely picky about who touches my brows. On top of that, I cannot wax (I’m on a topical retina), so I turned to threading. Threading is an ancient practice of removing hair from the face, or really anywhere, using a sharp piece of thread that extracts from the root. People like myself prefer threading over waxing because it is more accurate and precise, and better for people with sensitive skin, using any sort of dermatologist retina, or on Accutane. Below are some of the top places Tulane students trust with their brows, ranging in price points as well as location. 

Esthetique Facial Spa: 714 Adams Street

Tulane students flock to Esthetique not only because of its walkable location (it’s about a 20-minute walk) but also because of its affordable price point. Threading for your eyebrows is only $10, which is a price you cannot beat when they do such a good job on everyone’s brows.

Spa Zeeba: 4185 Magazine Street

Another great and affordable spot for threading is Spa Zeeba. Eyebrow threading costs only $10 and there is no need to make an appointment, because it is walk-in only. If you get a group of more than 5 people anytime after 6pm, you can schedule an eyebrow threader from Spa Zeeba to come do threading in your dorm or house at no extra cost! This saves the extra Uber costs and is extremely convenient.

Poppy and Ivy Face Bar: 5715 Magazine Street

If you are looking for a higher-end threading experience, look no further than Poppy and Ivy. Known for their attention to detail and personalized approach to treatments, a threading service will cost you $30. Driving or walking to your appointment is recommended.

MC Threading Studio: 7211 Regent Street

If you are a student with a car, MC is a great option to have. They’re known best for precise and quick threading skills, and they are one of the best threading places in greater New Orleans. MC is around the same price point as some of the other establishments listed, with eyebrow threading costing around $10.

I hope this list helps you navigate all your beauty needs in NOLA, I know it helped me!

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