Podcasts — a conversation to fill the silence in which the listener seamlessly feels that they are a part of without having to contribute to the dialogue — are a must-have form of entertainment. Whether wanting to learn more about a particular topic or engage your mind in meaningful discussion, podcasts are the platform to do so. 

In my effort to further educate myself about the fashion industry and key players making an impact, I stumbled upon the perfect podcast: “Fashion no Filter”. Camille Cherriere and Monica Ainley, two fashion journalists immersed in the world of designers and clothes, invite up and coming, as well as well-versed designers, stylists, and buyers to participate in playful banter and compelling topics. 

Camille and Monica have effortlessly created a casual, yet naturally prestigious look inside the fashion world, from the inside-out. By interviewing designers like Fransico Costa, Women’s Creative Director of Calvin Klein, and influencers like Arizona Muse, a model hoping to make an impact on the fast fashion culture, listeners learn about how big names got to where they are today and how to become involved in the community themselves. 

Each episode takes listeners into uncharted territory and unfolds the complexities of the industry. Whether looking for something to capture your full attention or wanting something to listen to while walking to class, there is a “Fashion no Filter” episode for everyone. Here are my top three picks:

If you’re interested in sustainability, listen to “Sustainability but make it fashion” with Arizona Muse. Arizona, a model and environmental activist, talks about her experience with the fashion industry as one of the most prolific industries of pollution. The girls dive deep into the impact of fast fashion on our environment and the ways in which we as consumers can make little changes to the way we shop and wear our clothes to live a more sustainable life. 

If you want to feel like you’re talking with friends, listen to Jenny Walton on “individuality in the era of social media.” Camille, Monica, and Jenny provide an environment in which conversing about Jenny’s journey into the fashion industry becomes a casual discourse between friends; they openly discuss attending fashion week, personal style, and romance. 

If you want to work your way up in the fashion industry, or in any industry for that matter, listen to Francisco Costa on 13 years at Calvin Klein and his brand new beauty venture. Francisco discusses making a name for himself in fashion from his childhood until the present day. He speaks about his inspirational mother and makes honest comments about working under huge brands, later discussing his experience at “the top.” This episode sheds light on both the positive and negative aspects of the fashion community. 

Check out “Fashion no Filter” on Google Podcasts to keep yourself informed on all things fashion!

Cover Photo: Fashion no Filter

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