On March 4th, Glossier revealed their highly anticipated second brand, Glossier Play, as “a new approach to makeup, inspired by sound, motion, and fun.” The reveal came after a series of cryptic Instagrams posted by their two accounts (@glossier and @GlossierPlay) beginning February 22 that sent the internet into a frenzy in an attempt to guess what the new brand could possibly be. Guesses ranged from a makeup subscription box to a line of candles, until Glossier finally made the announcement. In contrast to Glossier’s usual focus on skincare and minimal “no-makeup” makeup, Glossier Play offers a collection of “dialed-up beauty extras”— think makeup in bold, saturated colors, high-shine products, and glitter, perfect for going out.

Currently, Glossier Play features 4 makeup pieces which range in price from $14 to $20. Products include Colorslide, a techno-gel eye pencil that comes in fourteen metallic and matte hues ranging from Cash Salad (a green-gold shade) to Critical Mass (a magenta shade) and Vinylic Lip, a high-shine lipstick offered in six shades of red. It also includes Glitter Gelée, a multipurpose glitter that comes in four metallic tones and can be applied anywhere, or worn as an eyeshadow—too bad Mardi Gras just ended! The final item in the collection is Niteshine, a highlighter available in four shimmery shades. Additionally, Glossier Play offers two tools to accompany their products. The eye pencil sharpener, Blade ($4), is created specifically for the Colorslide eye pencil, while The Detailer ($6), is the perfect tool for applying Glitter Gelée or blending Colorslide. Glossier Play also offers the tempting option for customers to experiment and save $15 by buying “The Playground” set which includes all 6 items in their collection for $60.


Despite the obvious differences between Glossier Play and Glossier’s main collection, Glossier Play still stays true to its parent brand’s roots. As Glossier has already done with their normal collection, both the website and Glossier Play’s Instagram show the products on both men and women, to highlight how makeup can be for anyone. Additionally, as with all of Glossier’s products, all Glossier Play makeup is cruelty free, vegan, dairy free, gluten free, nut free, and hypoallergenic. The website provides a complete list of ingredients for every product.

Now that Glossier Play is here, you can transition from day to night with Glossier! Don’t be afraid to play with color and glitter when trying new bold makeup looks this spring and shop the collection here!

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