“IWouldFuckMe,” spells out Ashley Longshore’s silver necklace as she sits at a table covered in candles and bright orange carnations. “I’m making a death altar,” Longshore grins. Behind her, pale walls are covered with massive paintings in every color imaginable. Sequined and pearled letters scream “FEMINISM IS A REAL PANTY DROPPER,” and Longshore’s famous phrase, “I DO NOT COOK, I DO NOT CLEAN, I DO NOT FLY COMMERCIAL.” At first glance, one might think Ashley Longshore is crazy. And at first glance, one would be correct.

“My name is Ashley ‘Fucking’ Longshore and I am a raging, feminist, fearless entrepreneur,” Longshore introduces herself. Her eclectic laugh rings through the air as customers come and go, snapping pictures of oversized tubes of lipstick and her two low- riding basset hounds. Her fingers are adorned with sparkling jewels, her wrists the same.

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Born and raised in Montgomery, Alabama, Longshore grew up as a self- described “nerdy girl that didn’t fit in.” She uses this to draw inspiration from her childhood for her artwork. Staring off into the distance at her crystal-adorned paintings, Longshore reminisces on her childhood. “Everything that made me awkward back then is what makes me awesome today.”

Longshore left Montgomery for Montana, where she attended the University of Montana and studied English Literature. Proclaiming herself as a self-taught artist, “I started building a portfolio and I would go around to galleries and show them my work and now I’m here. I realized I didn’t want to work with galleries, that I could do this my own damn way,” says Longshore. It is clear the drive and passion she has for not only her art, but all that the art the world has to offer. After actress Blake Lively caught wind of Longshore’s eccentric pieces, Longshore spent time with Lively teaching her how to paint her own works in her own style. By taking the time to help other people explore their creativity, Longshore not only shares her ability with others but helps them tap into their own talents.

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Her smile beaming almost as big as the one shared by an iconic painting of Lil Wayne with a glittered grill framed by flowers in every color, Longshore walks me through her start in New Orleans. Having lived here for the past 14 years, she feels as it’s the most accepting place. She never thought a city could be so representative of the people living in it, but as Longshore quickly discovered upon moving here, New Orleans is the type of place for everyone to feel good in. She hesitates as she thinks about why she loves New Orleans so much until responding with, “how can you explain why you’re in love with somebody? It’s just magic. It’s magic.”

After breaking through and shaking up the world of art, Longshore, who is most recently the Artist in Residence at Bergdorf Goodman in New York City, currently finds herself selling hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of art from her single gallery in Uptown, New Orleans and through her verified Instagram account. People travel from far and wide to have the opportunity to take a look at her display room on trendy Magazine Street.  

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At the end of the day, Ms. Longshore’s “fierce” attitude towards life results in her amazing pieces and even better persona. As she takes a minute to glance around at her creations surrounding her, she sighs and smiles wholeheartedly, “ I think my ultimate mission is to spread this idea of inspiration of self love, of working hard, and I think if you have those three things you will achieve those goals.”


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