Picture this: You’re in your dorm room. Your neon LED lights are slowly fading from color to color. You have your friends at your side and you’re discussing the complexities of life. In the background, Huron John fills the room with his latest single, “Arthur.” 

As a college student, I am always looking for new music. Once I stumbled upon Huron John, I knew he was the perfect balance for everything I was looking for. With a balance of chill beats and happy lyrics that always boost my mood, Huron John fills my ears from the confines of the library on a Sunday morning to the speaker in my living room on a Friday night. 

Huron John, also known as John Conradi, was born outside of Chicago, Illinois and at only 21-years-old, creates tracks that blend indie and pop together to form masterful songs that beg you to relax and vibe out. Just released this month, “Arthur” gives listeners the opportunity to hear the intricacies behind being young and happy. The best part of being in your early 20s is the opportunity to fail, learn, and gain whatever life throws your way. “Arthur” embodies these feelings and emotions from an opportunistic perspective. Huron John “paints a lyrical picture of a hazed-in-youth dancefloor” as a self-taught and self-produced independent artist in this latest song. 

From the depths of his basement, Conradi has generated upwards of 12 million streams and landed himself on many Spotify-curated playlists. Beyond writing and recording his music, Conradi has recently created Always Outside Creative Artists (AOCA) described as “a label, creative house, and place of mentorship for other DIY artists.” Hoping to support similar artists to himself, Conradi combines his self-starter personality with his love for music in this endeavor. 

Conradi’s Spotify bio puts his Huron-John-alter-ego perfectly: “Huron John is creating a universe of beautiful-digital-solace for a new generation.”

“Arthur,” as well as Huron John’s latest single, “Trapped in a Lava Lamp,” are out now across all music platforms.

Photo Credit: Chase Denton

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