Coming from a fashion fanatic, I am always on the lookout for new trends and brands. From following some of my favorite influencers to scrolling through fashion TikTok for hours on end  (I am sure many have been down this dark path too), I have opened my closet to the world of funky colored and patterned clothing. Usually, I am the type of person to go for a clean, classic blazer or leather jacket look, adding only a small pop of color. However, I have taken this new year as a time to get out of my comfort zone. 

One of my goals was to stray away from the “basic” college look. There is nothing wrong with this, but I, personally, was ready for a change. Playing around with labels like Paloma Wool and House of Sunny has given my styling eye a whole new dimension. Trying out unique prints and looks can feel strange at first but, but is anything wrong with that? 

Whether you are looking for an outfit for class, going for a stroll on Magazine Street, or getting ready for a girls night out, these new colorful and eye-catching pants will do just the trick. Here are some fresh, new ways to express yourself, move out of your comfort zone, and add a funky twist to your typical wardrobe.

First, Paloma Wool knows all things patterns and block colors. Here are some of my favorites for a classic, but not classic patterned look. 

Paloma Wool, Kelly Paloma Wool, Fuego

If you are like me, constantly liking TikToks with new brand recommendations, then I am sure you have liked a million videos raving about House of Sunny, a sustainable brand based in London. With their 70’s inspired fabrics and colors, their pants speak for themselves. If you aren’t a fan of mixing and matching, why not go with a full set? 

House of Sunny, The Bay Set House of Sunny, Pacific Pants

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