We’ve all been there: coming home for the summer, enthused about sharing that piece of New Orleans with all of your home friends, only to discover most of the pictures in your camera roll consist of blurry tailgate shots, Snapchats from late nights in the b school, or pictures of your friends’ study guides. While you were busy taking in the beauty of New Orleans for yourself, you forgot to snap some pictures for everyone back at home. That’s why it’s a necessity to give these NOLA Instagram accounts a follow to make everyone at home jealous and make you a little more proud to be from the best city in the world.


With more festivals than days of the year, it can be hard to keep up with the coming attractions in the 504. That’s why @nolafests is the best place to go when you want to show off some of the greatest festivals in the country to friends and family. Anything from Mac & Cheese Fest to JazzFest, this Instagram account shows off only the best pictures from every and any festival in Nola!


There’s no better way to get into the New Orleans spirit than by following Tulane’s very own Spoon University Instagram account. Filled with yummy shots of some of the best eats in New Orleans shot by Tulane students, you can’t go wrong by saucing this account a follow!


Similar to Humans of New York, NOLA Beings illustrates the people of New Orleans and gives a little insight to their lives. It’s a great way to find yourself feeling a little bit more involved in the lives of true New Orleans’ locals, and a perfect way to ensure a smile on your face with every post.


No doubt that this account is a must follow. Not only is it important to show our NOLA pride by supporting our football team, it’s practically necessary to stay up to date on our team’s scores and stats so we don’t fall behind on anything and everything Saints.


OffBeat Magazine, a well-known New Orleans music and culture magazine, highlights some of the best works of local music artists. There’s nothing like scrolling through your newsfeed and finding out more about what’s going on in New Orleans’ world of music, art, and culture.


This is only the best Instagram account to follow if you’re really trying to make your peers back at home jealous! Visit New Orleans explores all of the best places to go in the city—from tourist traps to local attractions—and takes the best pictures to go along with them!


A pretty self-explanatory username, @bestfoodneworleans goes in depth to find all of the best foods in New Orleans. Whether it’s a five star restaurant or a hole-in-the-wall po’boy shop, you’re sure to find what you’re craving by giving them a follow.


(Shameless self-promo): show some love to everyone’s favorite Instagram account which shows off some of the great articles students are writing and some of the events going on both on and near campus!

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