“I took that when I went to Thailand,” Sophie Harris says, motioning towards an oversized black and white canvas print of an elephant perched above her bed. Harris, a sophomore at Tulane studying Communications with a double minor in Art History and Business, proudly shows off her photography whenever she can. Whether it be a quick scroll through her camera roll or a more intimate showing of her website, she is eager to show off the works she’s completed since beginning her photography journey in her freshman year of high school.


“I ended up taking film photography [as a freshman] and loving the process of developing my own photos,” remarks Harris. “The concept of film has always been so intriguing to me and then I took a digital photo class and began to pair the art of photography with my love for travel, and the rest was history.”

Having completed two National Geographic Photo Expeditions—one in Prague and one in the Swiss and French Alps—throughout her sophomore and junior summers of high school, , Harris is nothing short of experienced. Her photos effortlessly show off the regions of the world she has spent time in, while tying in her uncontrived eye.

In addition to photographing her travels, Harris loves street photography. “I love photographing in an urban setting—creating that dialogue with strangers and being able to form this interaction with someone I otherwise wouldn’t communicate with is really special to me,” says Harris. Her street photography shows off the bonds she is able to make between the lens of her camera and the eyes of her subjects. The way she is able to connect with people, both friends and strangers, is clearly displayed in the narrative of her photos.


Her next venture is unlike any she’s embarked on before; Harris will spend the fall semester of her junior year of college living and studying in London. She hopes to travel all throughout Europe, to cities she’s both visited before and ones she has yet to explore, with her camera in her hand and inspiration for her photography displayed candidly across the continent.

There’s no doubt that the future of Sophie Harris’ photography is far from over. She plans to continue to push her boundaries by engaging with the community around her. “I see [myself] using photography throughout my life wherever I go to keep myself connected with my environment,” says Harris.


Make sure you come check out Sophie Harris’ photos, alongside the works of many other artists, at The Crescent Art & Music Showcase on Friday, April 26th.


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