Procrastination is arguably the best and worst thing ever; some people put off responsibilities by watching Netflix while others scroll through silly Buzzfeed quizzes. But when I procrastinate, I always make playlists. Something else you should know about me is that I am probably the moodiest person ever. With these two tendencies in mind, music has come to play a huge therapeutic role in my life. Yes, browsing Spotify is probably not the most productive use of my time, but it has actually helped me to be more in touch with my crazy wide range of emotions. Finding music that agrees with my very, very specific moods is super comforting because listening to music makes me feel more understood. Here’s some playlists I’ve found and created to go along with all the moods that I can’t even begin to explain. 

Not Not Chill

You know when you’re not in a bad mood but you’re not in a great mood either? Ideally, we should be able to rely on music to help us out of this funk. I’m not sure why, but often people listen to depressing, slow music when they are in this sort of mood. Sure, that is one way to handle it, but another would be to find more of a chill, upbeat vibe. This way, a hazy mood doesn’t always have to end in being bummed out. Here is a list of chill songs that will mellow your mood out, without making you cry.    

No Problems

Yeah, sex is cool, but have you ever walked around campus with your earbuds in and felt like the absolute best person ever? Sometimes we owe it to ourselves to turn up the volume, block our thoughts out, and just go. Turn on this playlist if you want to feel like the only thing that exists in this world is you and your music.   


I turn this one on either after a really, really exhausting day or when I am driving alone late at night. When I am not in the mood to be around anyone but myself, these songs are the only company that I will accept. I can’t seem to label this mood with any certain word; just listen and you will see what I mean.


Picture this: it’s a Friday afternoon at The Fly, the weather is absolutely perfect and for some reason, you cannot seem to find anything to worry about. When we love life, it loves us right back! Listen to this playlist when you cannot help but bask in the fact that life is good 🙂  

Hopefully, one of these playlists will help you to get through an oddly specific mood that you might have. If anything, use these songs as a reminder that we should not be so quick to push away our emotions. Rather, let yourself feel everything that there is to feel and in turn, maybe you will understand yourself and others a bit better. Who said that being moody has to be a bad thing?



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