Graphic tees: you may think of them as every child’s go-to article of clothing that let them rep anything from their favorite band to TV show. If you’re like me, you lived in the graphic tees from stores like dELiA’s (RIP) and Limited Too. Who wouldn’t want to wear a funky top with sassy, silly slogans??

Luckily for all us t-shirt lovers, recent trends have led to a huge surge of all things graphic tee. They are making a comeback, from vintage band tees seen on celebs like Kendall Jenner and bff Gigi Hadid, to statement slogans tees that add a pop of color and sass to any outfit. If you’re down to hop on the trend, here’s a few ways to put together the perfect look with your graphic tee of choice depending on your style.

For a simple but timeless look, throw together your favorite mom jeans with a tucked-in graphic tee and some chucks. Pairing simple denim with your look allows the top to be the main attraction of the outfit. For a spicier look, try super flared or cropped jeans, from brands like Free People, Madewell, or Forever 21. The vintage band tee and flare look will set you back a few decades and make you feel vintage and chic. If you’re feeling chilly, adding a moto or leather jacket will complete your outfit.

These days it’s all about pattern mixing, so no need to heed blending your stripes with your florals. If you’re feeling spunky, throw together a slogan tee with a patterned skirt to set you apart from the crowd. The graphic tee trend is all about bright colors, vintage vibes, and funky fonts that jazz up any boring old white tee.

On a similar wavelength, the chillier weather lends itself for the perfect opportunity to whip out your new animal print pants or chic printed chords. Pairing a simpler styled graphic tee adds pizazz to an outfit without outshining your bold pant choice. Animal print is all the rage right now, so try on a pair of leopard print or gingham slacks to dress up your tee from casual to confident.

With graphic tees back and better than ever, you can finally relive your greatest childhood memories with a more updated and age-appropriate look. This article of clothing is perfect to wear casually or dress up, making it a great staple piece that’s also perfect for layering in fall! Happy Shopping!

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