WARDRŌB is a trendy new clothing store located on Magazine Street, just down the block from its sister store, Jean Therapy. Co-Owner Meghan Kuhn was born and raised in New Orleans. She grew up going to school in Metairie and studied Communication Disorders in college. “I loved school, but I worked at a boutique called Chatta Box throughout my four years in college” Kuhn recalls. “There was something about the energy of that store, especially my boss Rebecca Nordgren, that made me think I wouldn’t mind being in the business” she smiled. “I have to give a lot of credit to Rebecca” she continued, “I wouldn’t be in this business if it wasn’t for her.” Kuhn applied to work at Jean Therapy a little over 4 years ago, and the rest is history. 

“Vicki Adjmi who owns Jean therapy and myself were ready for a new adventure — her more so than me” Kuhn explains; “she’s a risk taker and I’m an overthinker, but somehow we make the best team.” In April of this year, the space three doors down from Jean Therapy Uptown became available. Kuhn was contacted about the space on a Monday, and by Wednesday her and Adjmi had their new concept. 

90% of the employees that work at Jean Therapy go to Tulane. “They love Jean Therapy and their parents love Jean Therapy, but the girls were only shopping when their parents were buying” Kuhn remarked. The idea behind WARDRŌB was to create a new store with the same beloved brands that college girls could afford. Everything is under $150. “It didn’t hurt that my target market all worked for me at Jean Therapy” Kuhn says. “I constantly asked them, would a Tulane girl like this? I’m 30, my college days are past me” she laughs.  

WARDRŌB has officially been open for a month, and it’s proven to be a hotspot for local teens and Tulane students. The store’s most popular items include Levi Jeans, all things Stoney Clover Lane (an accessory brand created by the Glazer sisters, both of whom went to Tulane), denim jackets in a multitude of styles and colors, and athleisure. 

Check out their Instagram @wearwardrob for some amazing outfit inspo!!! Here are some of our favorite looks:

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Cover Photo: WARDRŌB Instagram


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