Happy March! While the pollen count gets higher, the winter coat count gets lower, and out comes the swimwear. Even though Tulane’s sun deck is still closed (when is that getting finished by the way?!) swimwear is making its reappearance as students begin tanning on quads and breezeways, also beginning their hunt for new spring break and summer bikinis. Next month I’m going on spring break, so I decided that the single black bikini in my closet would not be enough for the whole trip. To the markets, I went! But, where was I supposed to go? Over the last few weeks, I became a bikini-holic, so here’s my guide to shopping for swimwear so you can be stylish this summer. 

Less Expensive Price Range 

If you’re balling on a budget this summer, you’re just like me. But don’t worry! Cute swimwear doesn’t have to come at the expense of breaking your bank account. Lots of hidden gems for swimwear exist, especially if you’re looking for plainer pieces.  

Target – Wild Fable 

If you’re a fan of bright swimwear, run, don’t walk to Target…or their website. Target has released a line of plentiful and inclusive swimwear now starting at only $12. While crazy cheap, their suits are comfortable, soft, and give you the option of different materials and wiring. They’ve released a collection of bikini tops, bottoms, tankinis, cover-up dresses, and matching sets. 

Image via Target/Wild Fable website.

Forever 21 

Although Forever 21 gets a bad reputation for throwing random graphics onto their apparel, their swimsuits make for quite great staple pieces. If bright colors are not your speed but you still want simple and affordable swimwear, Forever 21 is your friend. Whether online or in person, you can snag yourself bikini sets and one-pieces in more washed, neutral colors that range from $5-$30. 

Forever 21’s bikinis are typically a little thicker and more durable than Target’s, but often go without wires. Definitely not impossible to find, though, if that’s what you’re looking for. 

Image via @emmaleger on Instagram.


Surprisingly, PacSun sells their swimwear at an affordable price – and it’s super cute! PacSun’s swim shop looks right out of a Pinterest search for “aesthetic beach swimwear:” florals, neutrals, and lots of polyester-based ribbed options for about $50 a set. PacSun is also one of the more sustainable brands out their, making their swimwear out of recycled material. 

Image via the Pac Sun Website.

Modest but Modern 

Most swimsuits are pretty tiny, but water wear doesn’t have to be all about showing skin; wear whatever you feel most comfortable in! Lots of brands in 2023 have adapted this mindset, and here are a few great stores that sell modesty-inclusive options.  


Skims by Kim Kardashian recently received praise for offering customers plenty of swimwear options beyond just bikinis and one-pieces. At Skims, you can find stretchy-fitting swim shirts ranging anywhere from bikinis to long sleeve tops, and bottoms from tanga to shorts. Skims’ aesthetic takes a more sleek and simplistic approach, so if you enjoy that vibe and are looking for more modest options, it’s the perfect place to shop for around $80-$100 for a bottom-top pair. 

Image via Via GlamourUK.

TikTok Small Brands 

TikTok is the ideal platform to bring awareness about fashion, and many creators have done so with modest swimwear. TikTokers such as @rachelmorrison45 and @kikalatif have advertised swimwear businesses that offer bolder and more colorful options for modest swimwear beyond the neutral scheme that Skims offers. Some great stores include Hadia Ghaleb Brand, Lime Ricki Swimwear, and Albion Fit. 

Image via via Lime Ricki

Honorable Mentions

Image via Albion Fit.

At the end of the day, these are just a few amongst many stores that offer swimwear for all different styles and aesthetics. What’s important is that everyone finds the perfect look to rock during their spring break or summer – so, I can’t limit it to just these places. Here are some more stores to consider when buying your swimwear this year:  

Mall Brands: Hollister, American Eagle, Lululemon, Nordstrom, Everything But Water, Zara 

Online Brands: Shein, Cupshe, Summersalt, Lulus, Sanori Swim 

Small Businesses: 93 Play Street, PVB The Label, inswim, Hazen Swimwear (and so many more on TikTok!) 

Featured image via Pinterest.

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