Every year, Tulane students amp up Mardi Gras by incorporating their personal twists on nostalgic and trending fashion. We, Tulane students, definitely know how to go all out when it comes to our outfits because, to us, Mardi is our annual rave fashion show. While, to outsiders, Mardi outfits may seem like you threw together the remains of your closet on laundry day, there is a method to our madness. Many students combine eccentric trends from the runway with trending rave fashion because it’s the one time a year any crazy combination can be a hit. Here are a few fashion intersections we can expect to see on campus this year.

Après Ski

The 80s were greatly influenced by Aspen luxury, and 2023 fashion still uses the 80s in Aspen aesthetic with hints of Y2K. Recent Mardi Gras trends parallel 80s ski attire: the bright colors, the metallic accessories, and the sleek finish apparel. Three words to describe this trend: FUR, FUR, and FUR. The rise of fluffy winter fashion ties perfectly into the winter aesthetic. Protection from the cold or a bold fashion statement? Either way, a bright and warm pair of earmuffs, fur legwarmers, or visor glasses coupled with a fur coat or Russian headband are the perfect additions to any après ski inspired Mardi outfit.

Images via Pinterest.

Clean Girl Goes Rave

In 2022, we all fell in love with the Clean Girl daytime aesthetic, but have we seen the clean girl party aesthetic? If you haven’t, you will soon be seeing her grace frat row with her elegant yet sexy presence. It’s all about the hints of sexy while still showing skin. Think see-through mesh and lace, disco sequin, micro everything, sheer bolero tops, rhinestone fishnet maxi dresses, and neutral tones. Most importantly, remember to pair your outfit with a classic slick back bun. Even on an average night out, many people incorporate this trend into minor aspects of their outfits, but Mardi will bring this trend to a large scale.

Images via Pinterest.

Goth & Kawaii

Bright colors and loud patterns not your speed? Modern day Mardi also features quite a bit of goth fashion. The 80s and 90’s grunge fashion that your mom once raved about is coming back- but this time, make it sexy. Dollskill, the leading site where many Tulane students get their Mardi Gras outfits, is a fashionable and affordable place to shop, but if you’re looking for something a little more with a low percent chance that someone will be wearing the same outfit as you, check out Shay Kawaii. Dollskill and Shay Kawaii primarily consist of punk and goth fashion but have a slight influence from Kawaii fashion, which originated in Japan. We can expect to see knee-high black boots, PU leather and plastic, fishnets, and LOTS of crisscrossing.

Left + middle images via Pinterest, right image via Dollskill.

The French Roots

Mardi Gras nevertheless incorporates Carnival fashion. 17th and 18th-century French styles still translate to modern attire through fluffy feathers, long sashes, reflective sequins, metallic colors, and flappy fringe. All of which we will see on top of the base of other trends addressed earlier.

Images via Pinterest.

2023 rave fashion gets its influence from various eras and cultures, and the beauty of Mardi is we get to see all of these styles fused. I am excited to see the flow of flashy colors on the corners of Broadway and Freret this Mardi Gras season.  

Featured Image via Pinterest.

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