We caught up with Jessie Parker amidst her trips to Tuscany wineries and weekend getaways to Oktoberfest to tell us a bit about her experience abroad.

What made you choose Florence, Italy?

I chose Florence because I’ve always been interested in the Italian culture. Gimme all the pizza, pasta, and vino, and I’m a very happy camper. My brother also studied here, so it was also a right of passage in a way. 

What has surprised you the most about your experience abroad?

Surprisingly, Florence is still an extremely old city. It’s very provincial and still has a really cool old school vibe.

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PHOTO: Jessie Parker

What is the best thing you have done so far?

I took a wine tour of the Chianti region. We went to four different cities in one day and got a perfect taste of the country side of Tuscany.

What type of person is the best fit for this abroad program?

I’d say it’s essential to be independent. I’ve made incredible friends from so many different cities and schools in the country. I highly recommend doing a non-Tulane program for the sole purpose of meeting new people and having that independent experience.

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 11.35.01 AMPHOTO: Jessie Parker 

Have the best rest of the semester Jessie! You’re killing it!

Cover Photo: Jessie Parker

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