Winter has come and so has the new music that attempts to capitalize on the holiday season. Some Christmas album releases have transcended the strictly-holiday classification and are now modern favorites: I’m looking at you Mariah Carey. Others have seemed like a total cash grab and make us wish it was January: I mean who could forgot Diplo and Friends’ A Very Decent Christmas or Reel Big Fish’s Happy Skalidays. Renowned electronic producer Kaskade has gifted us this season with a holiday album, Kaskade Christmas, that is able to do everything Diplo’s tape couldn’t. 

Upon listening to the album, you completely forget it was made by a dance artist. Track one, “Christmas is Here,” begins with a chamber orchestra and guitar accompanying a vocalist that rivals that of any popular Christmas tune. When the singer’s verse ends, we are introduced to an addictive groove that could make anyone dance.

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Source: Your EDM

The rest of the 13-track album follows a similar structure. Kaskade starts the song off with a catchy and feels-inducing verse from a melodious pop-singer then breaks into an entertaining dance section. He doesn’t disappoint his loyal fans, primarily using house and lo-fi hip-hop rhythms during these sections.

I highly suggest this holiday album to any dance or hip-hop fan, or anyone that’s tired of the same pop, holiday tunes. Give tracks 1, 2, 3, 11, and 12 a try! I predict some of these tracks will get club DJ’s attention during the holiday season and will light up dance floors around the world.

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COVER PHOTO: Magnetic Magazine


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