At The Crescent, we’re lucky enough to partner with Universal Music Group. Through this partnership, I had the opportunity to attend DREAMERS’ show last Friday. This upcoming American rock trio was opening for The Maine at House of Blues. DREAMERS features drummer Jacob Wick, bassist Marc Nelson, and frontman Nick Wold. These three musicians began making music together in a warehouse practice space in Brooklyn, New York.

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Source: Interview Magazine

As the lights dimmed and the band’s intro track started, I felt like I was waiting to see a headliner; one could feel the anticipation in the venue. DREAMERS’ lighting quickly shot on, and they began their first song, “Wolves (You Got Me)”. Everything about DREAMERS’ music was driving. Their drum patterns resembled disco and house, while their guitar riffs played loud and powerful. Regardless of if I knew the song they were playing, the songs made me want to dance. I had a laugh when they decided to cover The Cranberries famous song, “Zombie”.

Their ten-song set consisted mostly of tracks from their debut album, This Album Does Not Exist, which dropped mid-2016. This twelve-track LP features clean guitar riff intros, distorted breakdowns, and powerful synth backing tracks. I’d highly recommend it to anyone that’s a fan of indie rock or if you just want some catchy riffs to get you jumping around.

DREAMERS is at a make or break point in their career where they are getting booked for large shows and tours, yet, they aren’t the main act. Although they had prior exposure at Chicago super-festival, Lollapalooza, they still have some hurdles to jump before they can headline their own major tours. Because of their danceable and addictive tracks, I am confident that, one day, their dream will become a reality.

COVER PHOTO: Times Free Press / Chattanooga Now

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