BROCKHAMPTON rocked the House of Blues New Orleans like no other group when they came to town on January 22nd. The self-proclaimed “boy band” brought an energy and style that kept the crowd moving. BROCKHAMPTON’s setlist included a wide variety of genres from trap, emotional ballads, and funk-influenced rap. But again, no matter what they played, the crowd went wild.

The energy came directly from the seven-plus members that were constantly pumping up the crowd from the stage. Each member had a unique role in creating the BROCKHAMPTON party. Regardless of it being their time to sing, each member cheered the other on and helped with adlibs and various shouts.


The One Direction derivative originates from Texas but is currently based in California. With a total of 15 members part of the BROCKHAMPTON brand, a majority of which are performers, it is hard to imagine how they manage to organize a national headlining tour.

With so many people contributing to the critically acclaimed group, BROCKHAMPTON has been able to put out a lot of music. They have been able to put out three full-length albums in 2017 alone. This group is going nowhere but up, and their success is apparent in the energy they bring to every performance. Check out the link below to see a video which shows a little bit of what BROCKHAMPTON is about and to hear one of the single’s “Boogie” off their latest album Saturation III.

COVER PHOTO: MiamiNewTimes

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