For most of us, the first snowfall is finally here! That means we’ll be able to drink hot cocoa, go sledding (if we’re lucky!), and wear some cute winter accessories. There are tons of ways that you can work with things like scarves, hats, and gloves to pull your outfit together. Here are some of my ideas to use your warm weather accessories as fashion statements.

Faux Fur

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The texture and look of fur (fake or not) can add some drama to an otherwise neutral, minimalistic winter outfit. While you can rock any color of fur you want, navy, dark purple, bright red, black, beige, white, and baby pink look amazing against the snowy background. Faux fur also helps trap in body heat, so you’ll actually be warm instead of just looking like it.


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As another essential to keep warm in these cold temperature, earmuffs add just a touch of cuteness to your look. They can also have the benefit of adding a little bit of height to the top of your head (if you’re short, this comes in handy).


All kinds of hats can be flattering for this kind of weather. Depending on your face shape, hairstyle, and the rest of your outfit, you can play around with many different types and colors of winter hats, including but not limited to: beanies, fur hats, baker boy hats, and more!

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Hope you guys have winter break, and rock these styles while doing so!

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