My best friend Jaclyn, also known as Jac, was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer in April 2019. Not only was she HappyJack’s biggest fan, buying merch from every drop, she, just like Jack, had the world’s biggest heart and wildest of dreams. 

Sadly, Jaclyn passed away last August at the age of 18, after fighting a 2.5 year cancer battle. Both Jac(k)’s lived life to the absolute fullest. To support and honor her legacy, 65% of the profits from this Happy JACk line will be donated to Ewing Sarcoma research so that no other kid, family, or community has to endure what we all did.  The remaining 35% will be donated to help fight Mental Illness in young adults on behalf of Happy Jack.  Mental Health Awareness was something Jaclyn was extremely passionate about and where her love for Jack’s brand stemmed from.  We ask that you wear this item with pride and love and continue to share Jaclyn’s story so her legacy will live on forever.  It will only be available for purchase for TWO WEEKS! It would mean the world if everyone could purchase a hoodie to keep Jaclyn’s legacy alive and support two great causes. Thank you so much for supporting Jac and Jack. We are all eternally grateful.

You can purchase the hoodie here.

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