Have you ever listened to Crime Junkie or My Favorite Murder? Have you ever obsessively
followed a murder case in the news? For all of you true crime buffs out there, boy do I have the
perfect television show for you. Only Murders in the Building follows a mismatched trio of
strangers, played by Selena Gomez, Steve Martin, and Martin Short, working together to solve a
murder that took place in their apartment building. It is a hilarious, intriguing, and wholesome
watch, through and through. If I haven’t already convinced you, here are a few reasons why this
show has a special place in my heart (and will have one in yours, too.)


The Mystery
The three main characters begin as strangers, meeting on an elevator in their apartment
building where they encounter Tim Cono, who is later murdered. Later that night, they discover
that they are all fans of the same true-crime podcast and briefly bond over the mystery. One
thing leads to another and they ended up creating a podcast together titled (you guessed it)
Only Murders in the Building. As their murder investigation unfolds, we as viewers navigate
through many twists and turns. The show is cleverly written to allow viewers to form their own
theories and get invested without giving away all of the information until the end. It is, in my
opinion, a perfect murder mystery, drawing from its predecessors and keeping viewers invested.
I have always been fascinated with dark stories like this, so I loved following the mystery and
having a few laughs along the way.

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The Humor
It’s no surprise that this show is hilarious. The funky, greatly differing features of the characters
are humorous in and of itself, but the writing and jokes make for a nice addition to the show.
For such a dark topic as murder, it’s impressive that the writers manage to keep the show
feeling sweet and comical.

The Wrap

The Unlikely Trio
This series would not be what it is without this cast. I won’t even lie, I had my doubts before I
started the show. I loved all three of them; My parents always adored Steve Martin and Martin
Short, so I grew up loving them, and of course, Selena Gomez was a big part of my childhood as
a Disney star and musician. I remember thinking “If they manage to pull this off, this trio is going
to be iconic.” Steve and Martin have worked together for years, so their chemistry and
impeccable comic timing was no surprise, but how on earth were they going to fit 29-year-old
Selena Gomez into the mix? (Spoiler alert, they did indeed pull it off.)

Steve Martin plays Charles-Haden Savage, a once-famous actor from a popular TV Show where
he played “Detective Brazzos.” Throughout the show, he gets to play out this role once again as
he helps to solve the murder of Tim Cono. Martin Short plays Oliver Putnam, a struggling,
washed-up Broadway producer who puts all of his pent-up creative energy into creating the
podcast. Finally, we have Mabel Mora, played by the lovely Selena Gomez. At first, her character
is as much of a mystery as the murder, but details are unfolded throughout the season that
reveal her as an independent, confident, and complex character. The characters are at odds at
various points, but they manage to bond in quite a beautiful way. Mabel shares advice from a
young person’s perspective, like teaching Charles not to construct his texts like emails, while
Charles and Oliver offer unique wisdom to Mabel, almost treating her like a daughter. Their
bond proves that great friendships can manifest in unexpected ways.

Whether you’re a true crime fanatic or just someone who enjoys an intriguing storyline, there’s
something for you in this show. Season 1 is available on Hulu right now, so go find out what
makes this show so special!

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