This semester I was given the opportunity to study abroad in the beautiful city of Prague. I have loved my time so far in the city and have some wonderful reasons why you should experience the city for yourself!

1. Absolutely Stunning 

One of the best aspects of living in Prague is how absolutely beautiful it is. No picture of Prague can do the city justice. Prague looks like something out of a storybook with its historic architecture and cobblestone streets. Prague was even voted the world’s most beautiful city this year and for good reason!

2. Super Cheap

One of the best aspects of studying in Prague is how cheap everything in the city is. For example I went to dinner, got a salad, side, and dessert and only ended up spending $15 on my meal! It is super easy to save money while studying in Prague while still being able to have an amazing experience. Saving money in Prague also makes your experience abroad much more manageable when it comes to getting the most out of the city and traveling to other places. 

3. Central Location

Prague is located smack dab in the center of Europe, making it pretty easy to get everywhere in Europe. The airport is super manageable and there are plenty of direct flights to destination locations all over Europe. In addition, there are many cool places that are only a bus or train ride away from Prague.


Source: Prague Morning

4. Beer Beer Beer!

The Czech Republic is the country with the highest annual consumption rate of beer in the entire world. While this might seem like a mistake, after spending time in Prague you’ll discover the integral role in which beer plays in Czech culture. What could be better than studying somewhere where beer is so beloved? 

5. Great Night Life

Prague has amazing nightlife and is a super fun place to study abroad! Not only does Prague have great clubs but also super cool bars all over the city. The clubs and bars are also easy to get into and cheap. 

6. Seasons

Another aspect that I have loved about studying abroad in Prague is seeing the city throughout the seasons. When I arrived in Prague it was still summery and warm and I watched as the leaves changed and started to fall on the streets of Prague. Prague has relatively mild weather, with temperatures normally staying around the 40s or 50s in the fall. 

Source: Taste of Prague

7. Neighborhood Charm 

One of my favorite aspects of Prague is the size of the city. Prague has all the benefits of a big city while maintaining a wonderful neighborhood charm. Prague is relatively small geographically making everything easy to get to and making the city very walkable. When walking around Prague you will see plenty of families with young children, making the city feel very homey. 

8. Great Public Transportation 

Prague is also super easy to get around due to its wonderful public transportation system. The tram and metro are very straightforward and easy to navigate. Wherever you want to get to in Prague, there’s an easy way via public transportation. 

9. Safe City

Traveling from home to a new European city can be a scary experience, but one thing that can make the transition easier is knowing that you’re going to be studying abroad somewhere safe. Prague is a relatively safe city with a low crime rate. In most areas it is safe to walk alone at night and cat-calling is an uncommon experience. 

10. Unique Study Abroad Experience

One thing I can guarantee if you study abroad in Prague is that you are going to have a remarkably unique experience. The Czech Republic is so different from the United States, making your experience in Prague an eye-opening experience. So far I have loved everything the city has had to offer and am beyond thankful I chose to study here in Prague!

Cover Photo: Lonely Planet

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