I have always struggled with my complexion, even long after I was done with puberty. I’ve tried hormone injections, countless creams and washes, and even changed my birth control just to find the right balance. And though my skin is much easier to handle today, I still struggle with the occasional breakout, particularly on my back. Especially during the summer, when I’m almost always active and it’s super humid in D.C., it’s easy for my back and shoulders to get irritated.

When I first got back for the summer, I scheduled a spa appointment at Bluemercury as a way to decompress and treat myself. I knew that the combined stress and humidity of New Orleans had taken its toll, and I wanted a fresh start. So I booked a facial and back facial, hoping either would make somewhat of a difference on my uneven tone and prevalent bumps. The treatments themselves were great, albeit painful, as I tried microdermabrasion for the first time and underwent extensive extractions.

After the aesthetician finished, she recommended one of the washes she had used on my back: OSEA Ocean Cleansing Mud. She told me that since it had tea tree oil in it, the cleanser would be great for treating my acne and reducing redness. I had heard of tea tree oil, but never understood its properties, so I asked her. She explained that tea tree oil does wonders for inflammation and redness, and the anti-bacterial aspect of the oil actually treats acne. Intrigued and hopeful by her recommendation, I bought the wash and some pure tea tree oil at the next door CVS.

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Per her recommendation, I used the wash every time I showered on my back and shoulders, and applied tea tree oil to the affected areas at least once a day. I soon realized that wiping my skin with tea tree oil even after I had showered produced surprising amounts of oil and dirt. I finally began to understand how years of exfoliating body wash and heavy loofah scrubbing wasn’t enough to heal my chronic acne.

It’s been around 6 months now and I’m ecstatic with the results. My back has never been this clear! While I still feel bumps, the visible red spots are long gone, and the tone of my back is becoming more even. I’ve also used tea tree oil on my face and chest, both with success in treating acne. I am now a lifelong fan, and would encourage everyone to give this miracle product a try!

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