Exciting news: we are just five days away from the Third Annual Graduation Throwdown at Tipitina’s.

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Aaron Benjamin and Sexual Thunder will return for their second year performing on the night of Tulane’s graduation at one of New Orleans’ most historic venues. This year they will be joined by another soulful New Orleans-based group, Miss Mojo. Aaron Benjamin, vocalist and guitar player tells us, “What I’m most excited for musically is the addition of Mojo’s superstar vocalists, Piper Browne and Jenna Winston. to our set. The Misses of Mojo provide an additional dose of soul and power to our sound.” Aaron Benjamin creates a sound reminiscent of classic vinyl’s golden age. Their rock and roll vibe compliments the pop/soul of Miss Mojo and the “undeniable funk” of Sexy T.  

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So, what can we expect to hear?

All three bands told us that the audience will luck out with new music. “We have one brand new song that we’ve never performed live before that we’re real stoked about debuting at Tips,” says band member, Mack, of Miss Mojo. As for Sexual Thunder, band member Cyrus says they have been “cooped up in the funk dungeon, foraging earth-shattering grooves” that they are ready to share with Saturday’s crowd. “Since last year, our library of original music has about doubled, so we’re looking forward to showcasing the new material we’ve written,” Aaron adds.

What the audience should know before attending is that these bands have all crossed paths in the past, creating an organic chemistry on stage that allows them to put their sole focus on the music and the energy of the crowd. Mack tells us that the audience can expect a “nonstop show of fun, engaging music from three bands that have been working super hard to grow and refine their live shows.” In fact, all three bands came from the Tulane scene. “For us, it’s a night to celebrate our shared roots and enjoy the community that has come up together, and for the graduates, it’s an opportunity to enjoy their waning college moments in a space that has defined New Orleans music for generations,” Aaron says.

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This is a unique show in that the energy and air of celebration is already present. These three bands are ready to bring you nothing less than what Sexual Thunder would call “a party of intergalactic proportions.”

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What do these groups have coming next ?

Sexual Thunder wants you to “keep an ear out for new music in the coming year. To those staying in New Orleans, continue to support live original music.” Follow them on Facebook and Instagram to find out when they are performing, and listen to their music on Spotify and Soundcloud.

Miss Mojo will be dropping their debut full length album on June 7th. That will be followed by a tour of the Northeast during August. Make sure to check out their awesome new music video here and follow them on Spotify or Soundcloud!

Aaron Benjamin will be hitting the road for their Midwest tour right after the Tips show. They will be begin at Catch Meaning Music Festival in Cleveland, stop in Detroit and Nashville and end with back-to-back performances in Chicago. If you can’t make any of their live performances, Aaron Benjamin is working on a new album that will follow up their debut album, “Aaron Benjamin.” To stay up-to-date with shows and new music, follow their Facebook and Instagram and listen to their music available on Spotify.

And definitely don’t miss all of these amazing musicians this Saturday, as you say goodbye to the best years spent at Tulane.

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