The word “fait” means to do or to make. It’s also the name of a plant design studio and retail space right here in New Orleans. FAIT is an all female and family owned business that specializes in interior plants and scaping for businesses, homes, and dorm rooms. 

Years ago, when co-founder and CEO Laura Joffrion found out her mother was returning home to New Orleans, she decided to make a career shift. “I asked my mom, ‘Wanna do something fun, interesting, and weird? Let’s start a plant company,” Joffrion said. And start a plant company they did. Joffrion described her mother’s “gift with plants [as] undeniable; it came to her like breathing.” They believe plants can be used as a medium for art and expression and want to help others showcase this creativity in their very own homes and workplaces. “Our most primary objective is to make nature more accessible to our community and to everyone,” Joffrion said. “No one has a green thumb, it is learned and cultivated and its an appreciation of nature that anyone can learn.” FAIT’s long term goal is to start bringing nature into more commercial spaces in interesting ways that incorporate high design.

The company provides a large selection of exotic plants, allowing each customer to find a plant that can express his or her own creativity. FAIT also provides consultations to help guide each customer through the plant selection process. The company also offers interior consultations where one can hire them to come in and make recommendations of plants they can provide, after assessing one’s lighting. They also explain how to care for each plant, offering to deliver and place the plants in your home for you. 

FAIT sells plants online, in a mobile truck, and in their brick and mortar space at Merchant House 1150 Magazine Street. Additionally, they will be doing a spring workshop series in the middle of April where they will be mounting plants on sinker cypress, creating living designs, and teaching others how to do the same. 

“We believe that bringing greenery into your dorm space will shift the way your home feels, bringing nature into a concrete building,” Joffrion said. 

Keep an eye out for FAIT pop ups around New Orleans at events, festivals, and even local businesses like Satsuma. For more information, check out their website:

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