“What would Carrie Bradshaw do?” is a question I ask myself frequently as I’ve become more and more invested in the lives of Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte. Now, after savoring every last second of the infamous Sex and the City, I’ve been getting ready to tune into the 2021 reboot of the show entitled And Just Like That…, excitedly awaiting more of the girls’ fabulous outfits. 

While Carrie is known for her knack for designer labels, I think there’s much more to her style than just that. Carrie Bradshaw became a fashion icon for her ability to mix both classic, timeless pieces with trendy and fun elements in her wardrobe. Watching the show recently, I’ve noticed that many of her looks follow current trends that I would gladly wear today as a 20 something in 2021. Everyone knows that Y2K style is back in a big way, so it makes sense that Carrie’s fashion is as inspirational as ever. 

So, I’ve compiled a few of my favorite of Carrie’s classic looks and converted them into their 2021 equivalents with a modern-day twist!! They’re all at least somewhat affordable, because, let’s be honest, no one writing one column a week while paying NYC rent could actually afford all of those designer shoes! 

Carrie’s Floral Brunch Outfit

Vogue UK

I couldn’t decide which of these dresses was the best 2021 version of Carrie’s iconic brunch outfit, so I decided to include all three! They are all equally girly, cheery, and elegant—perfect for a lunch date with Mr. Big himself!

Classic White Slip Dress

Vogue UK

Never goes out of style! I’d pair the dress below with the same clear heels & “Carrie” nameplate necklace linked above. 

Carrie’s Pastel Statement Pant

Who What Wear UK

This ribbed tank top could not be more popular right now—and it makes sense—it’s so versatile and flattering! Also, this pastel trouser makes a fabulous statement and balances the casual tank. Carrie’s shoes aren’t pictured here but I just know she would die for these gold bow sandals!

A Snakeskin Mini for a Night Out

Snap Fashionista

Animal print, ruching, and bodycon— the perfect combination for a night of clubbing like Carrie! Don’t forget the darling Y2K shoulder bag and strappy black stilettos. For a college night out, I might swap in some chunky sneakers instead – but I know Carrie is dedicated to trekking across NYC in stilettos no matter the circumstance!

White Button-Down & Satin Slip Skirt

Instagram: Every Outfit on Sex & the City

This probably has to be my favorite of Carrie’s looks, or at least in my top three! A white button-down is utterly timeless, but has made an especially fierce comeback in 2021. Paired with this trendy emerald miniskirt, what could be better!? I’m a sucker for pink and green together, and the way Carrie does it with the pop of pink heels is absolutely stunning. Sign me up for this outfit ASAP!

Cover photo graphic: Izzy Kallen

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